Bandhan 19th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahesh runs and bhao chases him in his car. he runs in the forest.
Darpan says top it please stop it. she says why they broke my study table. The are about to throw Mahesh and prabha’s photo. Darpan says no pelase don’t the officer throws it out ganesh catches it. darpan says my brother wont let you throw our stuff. Our baba is a hero he will come and kick you all out of here. if any of you comes forward ganesh will throw you.

Mahesh is running bhao chases him on feet as well. Mahesh reaches the office. Panday comes and says come in sir. bhao is about to go with him. panday says not you I am talking to karnik sir.

Pinky says I don’t want this vegetable. Sanju says are we goats. their mom syas I will make something good tomorrow. Pinky says darpan’s

mom always gives her something good in the lunch. Meethi maa comes and says does it come for free? your dad can’t even earn anything. She says to ragha your dad is so useless that he died. this all comes from my husband’s earnings. Now eat it or I will force you. Their mom says you shouldn’t talk to kid like that. Meethi maa says you are taunting me because I don’t have kids. She says no I was not trying to say that. meethi maa says stay away from me.

Mahesh shows the video to panday. Bhao is waiting outside. He says this all we needed. this shows that you are innocent. You will be free of all the allegations. Everything will be fine. Mahesh says you are the only one who stood by with me. Vishwas will try his best to get this. He gives his memory card to panday. Mahesh says take care of it. Panday says I was with you and I will always be. He says every news channel will publish this tomorrow. Panday goes to Bhao and says vishwa rao you are being arrested. He outs handcuffs in his wrists and says Mahesh you should leave now.

The officers are trying to hit ganesh with sticks. prabha says what are you doing. A stick hist darpan. Prabha sys aren’t you human? He says why are they coming in our way. darpan says please sto them ai. They are locking the house. Mahesh says stop it. He gives them the order. darpan sys I told you my dad is a hero. he will stop you now leave. The officer says sorry sir. Mahesh you have hit the kids I wont forgive you. get lost now. Mahesh takes the key back from them. He says who will go in first? darpan says me. Orabha says we should tell darpan about vishwas rao. Mahesh says not now. It will be in news tomorrow I will show it to her.

Scene 2
next morning, darpan says is he here or not? Ganesh says the newpaper seller coming. darpan has made a cake. she says lets go ganesh. Mahesh kisses prabha’s forehead. she open her eyes. Mahesh says 10 years ago you gave me the best gift. He says happy anniversary my wife. He says when I wake to see you, I wonder how was I living without you. she says you have given me a lot of happiness in 10 years. He says no one can apart you from me. Darpan comes in the room laughing. Mahesh says come here. darpan comes with the cake and says happy anniversary. prabha says thank you baby.

darpan says you are the best parents. Dapran says now tell me whats in the news paper. Mahesh reads the newspaper. Darpan goes out to give ganesh something to eat. there is no such news. Mahesh looks everywhere in the paper but there is no news. prabha says what? He says there is no news of my innocence and vishwas’s arrest. Prabha sys how it that possible? panday told about this paper. He says yes he said to me. Mahesh gets a text. Its bhao. He says, Your pal is not a pal any more. Your must have no trust on friendship now? Everything sells here. Your friend has been sold. now do what you can. You will never be able to catch me neither to stop me. Mahesh recalls panday saying all we needed was this proof. He recalls oanday saying I will always be with you.

Precap-Panday says to Mahesh don’t mess with vishwas rao. you cant harm him buut he can certainly ruin your life. Mahesh shows the video to someone. bhao calls mahessh. Prabha screams please save me Mahesh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. what happened to amena. she is not giving update and what about spoilers of the shows

  3. why bhao is getting away with his wrong doings after proof was given of the rangers innocence I hope the ranger still have a copy of the video. it is about time the rangers innocence is proven because this script is getting toooooooooooooooolong and drawn out and we the viewers are getting frustrated.

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