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Bandhan 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghav is standing outside Ria’s house. Se says he came here as well. kajal says i mean he came here after you what a romance. go and meet your lover, ria says no way. He will go home when he gets tired. now you should go as well. Ragahv keeps standing outside ria’s room. she gets up and looks out he is still there. Ria thinks about her moments with him. She starts eating ice-cream. she recalls how he proposed her. She sleeps.

Scene 2
Next morning, ria wakes up and looks outside, she is shocked to find that raghav is still there. She goes out and says you are impossible. why are you standin here since last night? what are you trying to do? this isn’t going to impress me. so stop this madness. He says this is love not madness. RIa says you have lost it really.

He says i love my madness and i know you will comprehend my love. you will feel the same way i do right now. Ria leaves.

Ria recalls last night. Ganesh comes, ria says you know what he took me home. He is so irritating. kajal says he was here whole night and he has sent this gift for her. ria says i don’t want it. kajal says please take it. at least open it once. kajal opens the gift, its a puzzle when she solves it, it becomes ria’s picture. Kajal says ria see how creative and interesting this is. ria says i am not interested in this. I wont talk to you, kajal says but you will talk to golu? ria says yes. she says he has been trying to cheer you up. you should go out with him. SHubha is overhearing this all.

Ria is walking with ganesh. she says i feel so good here with you lets go to temple. they start praying there, raghav comes as well. ria says you came here as well? Now don’t tell me you came for arti. He says yes i followed you but got arti as well. i don’t wanna irritate you. I just wanna marry you with God’s blessing. ria says what is your problem? why are you following me? i have no feelings for you. i don’t wanna marry you. and yes, forget this wedding. raghav says madness is the second name of love, i will show you my madness and love today. He takes her on back side and says look at these coals. i will walk on this for you, only then you might trust me. ria says i am going, she turns back. raghav starts walking on the coals. He says in heart i have no love for you darpan but hatred will burn your life. He recalls his time with naraini. RIa is shocked to see him walking. she says please step out your feet are burnt, she hauls him. she says someone please bring water and aid. she puts medicine on his feet. ria says stop this madness we can never be one stay away from me. raghav says to ganesh i love your sister and i will keep her happy. tell her that she can not find anyone better than me i need your help.

Precap-ganesh goes to a car and takes out raghav’s bag. he sees raghav’s photo with bhao

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. writers stop all this madness with darpan and raghav to show how these writers are writing shit as a child darpan was seen with the gun in her hand and no one took the time to ask what happened they just blame her for narainis murder what everyone knew that darpan loved naraine even the dancer so what motive would she have for killing naraini all I see so far is that the writers want to prolong the shit that criminal bhao is doing and so they are finding anything to do so including framing darpan just like how he framed her father Mahesh do not be surprise that the writers write a shit script again and let bhao kill of darpan and her brother I would not be shocked at all because all these writers seem to be doing when they are sleeping is writing a pack of nonsensical shit scripts

  2. Plz shut this crap off air plzzzzzz it’s a request

  3. Nothing get solved in this show…Mahesh didn’t get to clear is name now it’s Darpan so much garbage is in this show

  4. What type of madness is this.? All these writers gone mad or they did not go to learn how to put a good script together.Either they are good and short plays but not for this type of writing.They have come back to the first part of the show again with some one trying to kill Darpan.This child/young woman is an orphan,please show some thing that any orphan who looks at this picture can learn something.Why don”t you find the killer and let her know the truth so that she can move ahead with her memory.Eventually her flashbacks will become reality and then this will be more devastating to her.Let Raghav know the truth so that he can take his anger and vengeance from the right person.Writers you prefer to bullshit with these two people life and make them miserable.Are you all programmed to write this sort of hateful and revengeful mess
    for people to view.I think you all should put a blogI up where we can help you all in writing these stuff then your serials would be a lot better.Damn it ,the same bull all the time..I had stop watching this show for awhile when Darpan was being abused in the home.I wrote several times about and used to read only the updates.I started watching again;but I will have to start reading only or do not read at all.

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