Bandhan 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Bandhan 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The tiger has ran from the container. Mahesh and Bhao along with their families are performing on ‘chaly chalo’. Its like a fight between good and evil. Everyone applauds. bhao says I wanna thank you all and tells karnik that the evil triumphs. Darpan says no you are wrong the good has to won. He says but that didn’t happen today. the good lost to the evil. a woman syas you showed them good but they are bad. they’re thief and that is why patel family won. Bhao says leave all that and enjoy. Happy children day.

Mahesh calls inspector and says at vishwas’s house there is auctioning on Kohinoor. I have proofs. Inspetor laughs and says till when will you lie? Mahesh says come here asap. The tiger comes to the function. People rush outside. Everyone is scared.

Bhao asks the kids to go in. Dev points the gun at tiger. darpan comes in front of it. Darpan is scared but she says don’t kill him. He is the king of jungle. bhao asks dev to lower the gun. bhao says darpan he will eat you up come upstairs/ darpan says tiger you know its not your house. why are you here then? have you lost the way? Darpan asks ganesh to stay at the back. Mahesh and prabha are scared. darpan says don’t come forward tiger will be scared. She says I know you are scraed because its not yur house. I can bring you food and jungle is that way. no one will stop you. Mahesh comes in front of darpan and tries to scare the tiger with fire. bhao says have you all gone mad ? The tiger goes out. People are appreciating Mahesh. Mahesh says they are with me because I saved them. I don’t have any proofs now. I couldn’t let them kill the tiger. prabha says what will you do now?

Darpan, Mahesh and prabha look for ganehs. He is no where to be found. Mahesh is in front of the tiger in jungle. He bows down to it. the tiger calms down. He goes inside the forest.

people are still appreciating Mahesh and his family. Bhao says to his men go and catch that tiger, a man says he can never harm an animal. He can never steal their goods. ganesh comes back. He has something in his trunk. Its Mahesh’s phone. Mahesh takes it from him and puts it in his pocket. He says we have to go vishwas Rao. Bhao says ranger is planning something.

Dev says to his men if Mahesh was in warehouse we would find a clue if he did. Go search everywhere.

Dev sees the dancer who slapped him behind the stage. Mohini is giving her money. dev says mohini don’t give her money. she has a sl*t. she doesn’t get paid for dance. Mohini says what are you saying? the dancer says I will talk to him. she says what did you say/ dev says stay in your limits. she hits him. He is on the floor. the dancer says stay in limits. he dancer says you are stammerer from mind as well. this money should be throwm in your face. she says I am leaving.

all the animals are running. When Mahesh come home cops are throwing all of Mahesh’s stuff out. the officer syas we have the order. you have to leave the house. Mahesh is shocked. dapran tries t stop them. They shove her.

bhao’s men find Mahesh’s aviators behind the sculptors in warehouse. meethi comes in and says come food is ready. bhao syas did you tell him about the warehouse? she says when did I? bhao sys he ahs got proofs against. me. Go and handle servants don’t even talk to me. bhao says I will kill him.

Mahesh says I am getting the order. officer says let us work. Mahesh says to prabha I am going to office. He leaves. Mahesh is in front of bhao’s car.

Precap-mahesh shows the video to panday. panday goes and arrests bhao.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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