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Bandhan 18th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghav says go and change this sari. This is my mom’s sari and you wont understand it. Pinky says you called me bhaiya? Raghav says get her changed right now. she says okay. He leaves. Pinky says i will bring you clothes. Pinky gives her a dress and says even i can’t touch her stuff. Ria says but i didn’t do it delibrately. Pinky says but meethi maa did. She doesn’t like raghav.

Bhao says where is ria? Raghav says he is coming? Ria comes with pinky. Bhao says come here. Bhao gives a box to ria and says this is a gift for you. Its a diamond set, ria says its good but i can’t take it. I can’t accept such expensive gift. Bhao says this is nothing, this all is yours, my tiger liked you. I think raghav didn’t tell you about this. ria says what uncle? pinky says say it now raghav. Bhao says you are my tiger. Raghav says i wanna marry you ria, ria is dazed. Bhao says you wont find a better guy than him. Bhao says i think she wants to talk to in person, go take her. She goes in with raghav. SAnju says i think she didn’t like raghav or perhaps our family.

Ria says what is all this? you said you want to get married? what do you mean by this? Raghav says i want to marry you. Ria says marriage must be a joke for you but not to me. I don’t appreciate such jokes. what you know about me? Raghav says i talked to the point. ria says my head is messed. this all must be casual for you but not for me i told you i am a simple girl. i just want to go home. RIa says i am going home, raghav holds her hand. ria says leave me hand. He says you are not ging anywhere. Ria says i want to go home. He says i will take you home, ria says i will go by my self. He says how will you cross the forest.

Bhao says to pinky and sanju we will go to ria’s house for raghav’s propsal you have to arrange everything.

Ria reaches home. Ganesh is waiting for her. she syas my bro cares a lot about me. She hugs him. Shubha and kajla are mad at ria.

Precap-ria says stop this wedding drama. raghav says i will show you my love for you today, he starts walking on coals.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. what else can I say about bhandan but it is going nowhere again frustration to the highest
    if you want this story to get somewhere please bring back Mahesh let it be that villagers found Mahesh when he fell and he was in a coma for the years darpan was away from him let him regain his memory and go in search for his daughter darpan and start a new and interesting storyline and after reuniting with his daughter let him then seek revenge against bhao but please do away with that boring storyline with raghav and ria come on writers we want more not more shit

  3. But I is so different from the others don’t u thing so

  4. Guys you’ll only damn complain let the show run where is going, nd during these programmes we can see what will happen…. you’ll think the writers gonna change the story for you’ll??? tough luck they wouldn’t

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