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Bandhan 17th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
its children day party that vishwas has arranged. he invited Mahesh and everyone. Mahesh says what is this Kohinoor? pabha says it might be something he is concealing. He says, I will find it. there is a connection of Kohinoor with the truck. A tiger is shown in a container.

Darpan says ganesh we have to wait for our tunr. Pinky and raghav bribe pani poori seller and asks him to mix spices in pani poori. Darpan orders noodles for ganesh and pani poori for her self. Darpan screams with spices.
Dapran says lets go ganesh its time for them to eat the pani poori. Ganesh throws pani poori on them. Pinky says darpan beat me in dance. darpan and pinky dance on the floor. Tiger is in a container. two men are outside it. One says he is making noise which means he is hungry. Lets go

and bring him something.

Darpan and pinky are dancing on the stage. Everyone applauds for them. The host says now we have a special guest for you. We have one and only Kajil. A lady coms and dances on the stage. She dances on song ‘lovely’. vishwas rao is guiding his men. While everyone is busy In watching her Mahesh goes out to look for Kohinoor. Dev goes on stage and throws money on her. Her wife doesn’t like it. Mahesh rummages everywhere. He goes into the basement where vishwas has a lot of animal goods to sell. He has to auction it. He says I can prove my innocence with these proofs. He makes the video of all the stuff in his phone.

Dev grasps the hand of that woman. She says I am a dancer not a sl*t. He says I know your standard. the woman slaps him on the face and says cant you listen. She leaves.

another dancer comes on stage and amuses everyone. While Mahesh is busy in recording the stuff. bhao is coming there with his men. Mahesh is still there. He sees bhao and the people coming. He hides behind a sofa. bhao shows people the animal good to be auctioned. Mahesh records their dealings as well. Bhao comes near him.

There is another dancer on the stage. Everyone is endorsed in the performances. Vishwas looks behind the rock Mahesh was hiding he finds a god there and s satisfied. Dec comes there as well. Mahesh drops something. Bhao says to dev I need Mahesh in five minutes or your are dead now go. Dev runs. Mahesh continues recording. Vishwas says Kohinoor’s the last tiger of dalma. His head will be auctioned today. Mahesh says in heart you are a beast vishwas rao.

Bhao is auctioning the tiger. He gives it to someone. Mahesh says until I am alive you won be able to kill him.

The tiger is shaking the container. Sanju and raghav see the truck. raghav says why is it shaking? Sanjuu says lets see whats inside. He opens the trucks look. Mahesh tells prabha that their is a tiger here and they are about to kill him. Prabha says how will you do it alone? Mahesh says I am calling cops and I have proofs as well. bhao comes there and says karnik I looked for you everywhere. Mahesh says we have to leave. He says no the biggest program is left. The fight of right and wrong. Would you like I darpan? darpan says yes. Mahesh says some other time. bhao says who knows tomorrow.

The tiger jumps out of the truck. Mahesh and bhao are on the stage. They perform on ‘chaly chalo’ THe tiger has made its way out.

Precap-Tiger comes in the function. Everyone is scared. it comes in front of darpan and ganesh.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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