Bandhan 17th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Bandhan 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
raghav says i will take you to somewhere that will tell you everything, where this all started from. ria says where? raghav stops the car at bhao’s place. Ria walks in shock. She sees a flashback and stumbles. She hears some voices like ganesh save me, darpan beta.. Bhao comes out. Ria is shocked to see him. On the other hand, ganesh is mad for ria. Bhao says come in my tiger. RIa is dazed. She recalls walking in that house with bhao. Ganesh tries to wake up shubha and her husband. they come out. shubha says whats wrong? why are you so worried? you want anything? He opens window of ria’s room. Shubha and her husband look in. ria is not there. Shubha says where is ria? Shubha calls kajal and asks where is ria? she says i don’t know. she didn’t tell me where is she

going. Kajal says she came from office i didn’t see her after that.

Ria is faint on sofa. Raghav says this is the last time you are sleeping with so much ease. when you open your eyes you will know why you are here. you will live here forever, in the same house i will make your life hell. Ria sees her childhood in the dream. She wakes up with a shock. raghav says whats wrong? She says i hear strange voice, she hugs him. raghav says calm down nothing will happen. ria says i feel weird in this house, i see something but its not clear. i want to go home. please take me home. Raghav says ria relax nothing will happen, you are just little tensed, ria says that man? I feel like i have seen him before. i think i know him. Raghav says they are the people who brought me up. I think you have seen their photos in my office, you just need to relax.
Pinky and meethi come in. Meethi says raghav go downstairs your baba is waiting for you. Raghav syas pinky help her in changing. Meethi says pinky go look after the food, i will help her. Pinky and raghav leave. Meethi says i am bringing you clothes.

Shubha asks her husband to call ria but he number is off. Shubha says where is she? Kajal gets a call, its ria. kajal says where are you? everyone is so worried for you. Ria says go to a side. Ria says sameer has brought me his home. kajal says and you went there? everyone is so worried for you. Ria says that is why i have called you handle everything i will reach in 2 hours. kajal says i can’t handle them for 2 minutes. You have to come. Kajal says please take care of yourself. shubha takes her phone and says ria where are you? Shubha says kajal tell me where is she? you know where she is. Kajal says she is at her boss sameer’s house. ria is worried. shubha says what are you doing there ria? Ria says its not like that. Sameer wanted to meet his parents. Shubha says you could inform me. Ria says i know i am sorry. Ganesh cheers . ria says please turn on loud speaker. Ria says golu are you worried for me? ganesh nods. ria syas i am coming very soon. shubha says please come home. ria says yes i am coming.

Meethi gives ria naraini’s sari. Shubha says to ganesh to and rest ria is fine, ganesh says no. Her husband says he wont go until she comes. Lets go in.

Bhao says to raghav mr. Khary is her dad’s name? Raghav says don’t you like ria? Bhao says your choice is mine. She is final. its dinner time. ragahv says i am bringing ria. Raghav enters the room and is shocked to see ria in naraini’s clothes. ria says how do i look in this? raghva calls a servant. Ria says whats wrong? He says how dare you to wear this sari? who asked you to wear it. Go and change it.

Precap-raghav says ria i wanna marry you. ia is dazed, ria say

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. That guy is such an ass how can you take revenge on a person who doesn’t have memory of anything that happen in the past?! It’s alway about revenge in these shows taking revenge on a person without proof is just wrong

  2. REVENGE,REVENGE,REVENGE,this is all you get.There are words like LOVE AND COMPASSION.Like
    these writers do not like these words.How is Rao is not been revenged for his son’s mother death but they want to show us that he is such a good man.This guy is his son and not his nephew.He will use Ria to take away her parents wealth.Rao is evil.Raghav please find out the truth before it is too late.

  3. Is that raghav mad or what he is such a stupid man how can he think that a small child of 10years can kill a woman who is helping the child that even does not have a logic, how stupid can the writers be, they are thinking they can make fool out of us.

  4. I am soooooooooooo disappointed in this soap tooooooooooo much hate killing and revenge this soap just went out of hand with their storylines tooooooooooooo much murders committed by bhao and was not solved or brought to justice but all of a sudden everyone has grown up bullshit what ever became of Mahesh when he fell no one ever saw the locket that was Mahesh proof of innocence never made it because bad man bhao got hold of it and to know that was suppose to be in safe keeping around darpans neck until he Mahesh returned bad storyline bhao got hold of it naraini now find out that rahav is indeed he son only to be killed by bhao another bad storyline and all blame is on darpan who always loved naraini just because she saw and picked up the gun she was blamed bad storyline again come on writers what do you all do before writing these shitty storylines you all have to be sleep writing that is the only explanation I see for this end tis soap now because it is not interesting to watch anymore and what about raghav who is he to decide darpans fate imagine he in the kidnapping thing tooooooo just like his father the apple really do not fall far from the tree lol

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