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Scene 1
Sanju says i am sanjay people call me sanju, i am raghav’s brother. I know very well raghav doesn’t like me here. I am intruding him, keep enjoying i will see you later. He leaves. Ragahv goes after sanju and says what are you doing? Sanju says wron question i should be asking this. Who is she? and why are you using fake name? The item is good. Raghav says she is my friend. Sanju says you told her wrong name. Raghav says its not like that. sanju says i wont tell baray papa that you were with a girl with different name, but you know i have a problem too gambling. raghav says baba has earned with hard work don’t ruin this money in gambling and all. sanju says how about roaming around with a girl using a fake name. play your game i will play mine. He goes back.


asks ria to sit in the car. ria says who was this man? why was he calling you raghav? raghav says sameer is my pen name, my family name is ragahv, ria says why did you change your name for work? raghav says i don’t need to explain you. ria says i can’t work with you this way. keep your secrets with you i can’t work with a dual personality like yours, ria starts walking, raghav says ria listen to me. she sits in a taxi.

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Ria comes home, her ankle is sprained. ganesh is waiting for him on the gate. Ria says you are waiting for me here? lets go home. they start walking in. ria sits on a chair. ganesh is worried for her. kajal says let me check what is it? ria says why is your mood off? ria tells him everything. kajal says golu make me your sister as well. Golu says no. kajal says i was a female elephant i would have made him my bf. ria laughs. Kajal says you have two males in you life golu and your boss. ria says he has no place in my life. he is a liar i don’t trust.

Ragahv comes home a girl says i thought i am your best friend but i didn’t know friends keep secrets from each other. raghav says we are good friends but you are doll to your brother. hey pinky don’t act smart with me. pinky says you have started concealing things from me? Who is that girl? sanju has told everyone. meethi maa says pinky you are so loving stranger. Bhao comes and says you are so busy in city for this reason. now i know why you go there again and again. its his age to roam with girls. why you lied about your name? bhao asks whats her name? raghav says ria. bhao says good my tiger. now tell me what are your plans? wedding or what? is it final? Raghav says baba if you give your nod then its final. bhao says i am so happy for you. now tell me when you have to marry her? raghav says soon.

Raghav comes to ria’s home she is shocked. He says you were not picking the call. you wanted to know everything, i will tell you everything but not here. ria say why no here? He takes her hand and makes her sit in the car. raghav says you will get answers. ria syas i dont trust you. he says i know you are mad at me but i am like that. I dont explain anyone. baba didn’t want me to become photographer so i used this name. she says i don’t feel like trusting that. raghav says when you go there you get everything.

Precap-ria enters bhao’s house. she sees bhao and faints

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I do not believe thatBandan is walking into this mess again.I do believe Raghav loves her but the

    death of his mother is hindering him.Only when he finds out the real truth he can move on.

  2. Do u guys thing ria is going to get back her memory

    1. Most likely because this type of memory loss is usually temporary and anything that shocks her could cause her to go back into a state that when she comes around she could start getting flash backs.

  3. take bhandan off the air it does not worth watching any more like I said before a nice family serial just gone bad to the dogs I would say started off good and then escalated to evil and criminal acts which was not a good thing for the viewers and to know that the bad ones were never caught so innocent people died in vain a message which should not have been portrayed because there are children who loved watching the show but parents had to stop them because of the criminal acts involved so writers for me I give this soap zero ratings

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