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Bandhan 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
A kid takes the mask off darpan’s face. Dev sees and is coming in he direction. darpan tries to hide behind the kids. Darpan is tensed. Dev starts dancing as welly with his fiancé. darpan runs and hides behind a pot. She hears a man saying this elephant has eaten all the potatoes. He is so hungry. darpan follows them. darpan goes to the room where elephant is.

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Scene 2
Mahesh and prabha are in police station to file a complaint. He says my elephant and daughter are abducted by vishwas rao. inspector syas you don’t have right to blame an honest man like him. I think you must have sell the elephant. They write the

report against Mahesh and says now leave. prabha syas we have to do something. their life could be in danger.

Darpan sees ganesh from behind th grill and is in tears. the men are giving him potatoes. The man syas why we have to give It all to him? lets mix sleeping pill in half of it and we will eat the rest. they start mixing it. Darpan drops a plate and they come to that direction. darpan goes under the table and exchanges the plate. The men give potato to ganesh. he syas you wont ask for more after that. You eat first then we will eat ours.

meethi maa goes to bhao. He says you said you wll be back in two days and you are so late you make me wiat a lot. He syas till you don’t die. she says I will be with you til your last breath. He syas should I throttle you right now? Dev and rest of the fmily come t meet bhao. Bhao says dev what are you concealing? Bhao says you don’t have to meet payal secretly. He laughs and says yes bhao. Bhao nods and says I forgive one mistake at a time. Did you do anything behind me? He says I didn’t do anything wrong. Can I go now? Bhao syas yes.

All the men are slept in the room. darpan goes to ganesh. They are both in tears. DEv is calling his men. darpan says I am sory golu I am very bad sister. lets go now befre they get up. You tried to tell me but I didn’t listen anything. dev says their game is over. ganesh pardons darpan. Darpan says lets run from here now. Dev and his men come to the but darpan and ganehs are gone. Mahesh syas go look for them.

Pital ask her husband where is dev? engagement is about to start. Pinky see ganesh and darpan hidden behind table. she ganesh. Darpan and ganesh start running. Darpan sasy start running. there is rush everywhere. people rae scraed of the elephant. Meethi maa tries to stop darpan but she shoves him. meeti maa says I will not leav you. you ruined our party. Ganesh scares her and runs with darpan. dev and his men come to the party. Dev is really angry. dev and his men run after darpan and ganesh. Darpan says be fast ganesh. Bhao grasps darpan’s hand. ganesh stops as well. bhao smiles. Darpan says these people wanna kill us. they abducted ganesh. Dev syas she is.. Bhao asks him to stop. darpan says they said they will kill us both. bhao says they think they are like the bear in the forest. he says when bear comes what should we do? We should run. So you should run as well. Darpan runs with ganesh. Prabha and Mahesh come there. prabha hugs darpan.

Precap-mahesh sys I will save the lion form vishwas. Darpan is in front of lion.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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