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Bandhan 14th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ria is clicking photos, she shows some of them to Raghav. He looks her in the eye. He says click more. Ria click more nest pictures, Ragahv holds her hand to fix her camera posture. Raghav looks in other direction, ria captures his picture as well. Ria says i am hungry sir, he gives her water.
Ria goes to edge of the cliff to take a picture. Raghav comes and is about to slip, ria holds his hand and hauls him up. She says i wont let anything happen to you. Ria says i know you wont say thanks because you are egoistic, you owe me one now. She starts clicking photos again., raghav comes and makes her trip, He holds ria’s hand when she is about to fall. Ria says please haul me up sir i will fall. Raghav says i wont let anything happen to you/ Raghav hauls her up. Ria says why you

shoved me? He says you saved me i saved you, its even now. Lets go.

Kajal says to ganesh what are you doing here? Are you waiting for ria? He nods. Kajal says she will take time, its love. i know you are bored help me with picking this stuff. Now let me go.

Ria takes more photos, she says i should go up the tree to get better photos. Ragahv says its your subject do what you want. ria climbs the tree. Raghav says be careful. Ria says i know how to handle myself. Ria sits on the tree and takes photos. Raghav says tree is supporting you don’t worry. Ria syas yes i am not scared to fall. she stands up on a stem. Ragahv directs her where to move she falls down. raghav catches her. Ria takes out her camera from mud. She can’t stand up. Raghav picks her up. Raghav takes ria to near by shop. He says its just a bruise. Ria says my camera is broken all my pictures are wasted. raghav applies cream on her bruise. raghavs ays i asked you to be careful. Raghav says what will you eat? Ria says nothing. Raghav says being hungry wont bring your camera back. A thug is watching them. Raghav sees them and says lets go from here. Ria says but you said we will go after tea. Raghav says yes but this place is unhygenic. When raghav and ria come to car a man is standing there. He says raghav. Ria says raghav? The guy says are you shocked? what did i say wrong? as much as i know his name is raghav. He might have changed his name for you. ria says what is he saying sir? your name is sameer? The guy laughs and says sameer? Right. your name is sameer? Raghav says sanju bhaiya i will talk to you later, Got from here. Sanju says dont worry. He keeps changing his name. SAnju says you have made her fool very strong. Ria says who are you? Sanju says sameer i forgot to introduce myslef. I am sanjay people calls me sanju. I am ragahv’s brother.

Precap-raghav says i will take you to the place where you will recalls everything. He takes ria to bhao’s house. Bhao comes out and says come my tiger. Ria is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. who atually killed naraini????

  2. vishwas rao killed naraini

  3. thank u rudrika…

  4. and why did he put that blame onto darpan??? how did that misunderstanding created bw raghav and darpan????

    1. Darpan came in and saw her bleeding on the floor.The gun was next to her.Innocent Darpan p icked the gun up and the son met her with the gun,he then felt it was Darpan who did it.The father Vish was evil and he got the incentive to agree now it was Darpan.Ragvav wanted to kill Darpan because he realized that she knew the truth that he had killed her parents.He is a bastard.and a scumbag.

  5. thankz…

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