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Scene 1
Raghav says baba i wanted to talk to you about work. I think we should take busniess in new direction. Jungle tourism is a new trend. Dalama has all what a tourist needs. Bhao says yes right, you are my tiger. what an idea. i know you will give me benefit. do what you want, i am proud of you. Bhao says you come here for two days why you bring me these gifts and all. raghav says close your eyes, He makes bhao wear a watch. Bhao says wow this is so good. that is why you took so much time for you. raghav says baba i want to put all happiness in your feet. i need to some work in the city. Bhao says go and rest.

Raghav calls ria, Ria says golu take a side its my boss’s phone. Kajal says its your borther in laws phone. Ria picks the call. Raghav says meet me in jungle tomorrow.

and dont you take too long to pick up the call. Ria says i was busy. He says no excuses. ria says but i.. He hands up. Raghav says i heart i have lied to my dad for first time. He would killed yu but i want to give you pain.

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An woman is throwing stuff out of naraini’s room. She says this room is also a part of this house not someone’s personal place. Take her picture out of here as well. Ragahv stops the man. He goes in the room and says meethi maa what are you doing? She says i am cleaning this room. This is house not someone’s castle. Raghav says meethi maa i consider you my mom and i always will but she is my real mom, she gave me birth. how can i forget her? i know this ouse is yours but this room has my mom’s memories Please dont clean it. Bhao comes in and says whats going on? She says this boy will order me now? He is the owner of this house? Bhao says talk politely. He is my son. What ever he wants will be done in this house. She says no this isnt my house. Rahav says please clam down baba. bhao says you never accepted him. meethi says no i have not accepted him,neither i ever will. she leaves. raghav says its not her mistake. my mom left me and the one i considered mom never accepted me. Its better for me to stay away from this house. I am not going away from you.

Ria is leaving for office. She finds raghav outside her house. Raghav looks at ganesh and says who is he? ria says he is my younger brother. Raghav recalls darpan and ganesh. Ria says i will introduce yu to him. Ria says hello golu meet my boss I am going out for work, dont tease anyone, raghav says this is your brother? interesting. Ria says yes this is relation of love.
Ria says say hello glou, ganesh says no. kajal says he is very possessive. Raghav says its not his mistake he doesn’t know me. Everything will be fine when he gets to know me. Ganesh touches ragahv’s bag ria says what are you doing? raghav gives him his bag. raghav says fine now? he says are we friends now> ganesh throws his books and pictures our of the bag. Ria helps him in picking them up. Ragahv’s id card is on the ground as well. He picks it before ria does, raghav says in heart i know you are ganesh. i have decided your punishment your only sin is that you are darpan’s brother

Precap-raghav makes ria trip and then holds her hand. ria says please haul me up sir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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