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Scene 1
Mahesh says we looked everywhere but couldn’t find ganehs. prabha says what will we say to darpan she is crying since morning. Mahesh’s pal says we will file a complaint in police of we couldn’t find him by evening. darpan overhears their conversation. she ges running to her room.

Dev says you were being so smart now its your the end. Darpan goes to forst from backdoor. She goes to the tree and says please bring my brother back. will you help me in finding him? Dev points the gun and ganesh. He sas start counting now. darpan says you gave me ganesh now please find him as well. I will never fighting with him. I will give you everything. just give me my brother. What you want God? chocolate ? teddy bear? or the son baba has bought. I will gave that to you please

bring ganesh back. Dev says this is the last number. He is about to shoot. A man comes to dev an ays shagun has come from girl’s house/ Meethi maa is here. she Is calling you. he says I am coming in a while. Dev says don’t use your brain. You fate is shining today you are safe. Its my engagement. after that its you the end. Darpan sees ganesh’s bell. She sees it near the place truck was standing. She says he was in that lorry and I couldn’t even see him. She follows it.

Mahesh comes to darpan rom and there are pillows under the sheet. prabha comes and sasy let her sleep please. Mahesh leaves.

darpan asks a man what is tempo for? he says there is stuff in the tempo for the party. Dev calls the wacchman. Darpan says if the tempo is for party then where is ganesh? Dev gives money to watchman and says no one should know that elephant is here. darpan asks watchman did you see my brother? He says why would he? is he the guest here? She says no. he says then leave. darpan says I will have to go in to look for ganesh. she see some large pans and hides inside them.

a girl stops dev. dev says didn’t bhao tell you? He has cancelled the engagement? She says how is that possible? He says you leave your brain in your in laws? she says are you fooling me? he says leave. deb says this has come from payal’s house. He says I don’t wanna wear this. he says leave now stop annoying me. Dapran wonders where sould ganesh be.

pinky is stealing sweets and raghav and sanu are guarding outside. She sits down and sees darpan. she shouts. she tells sanju and raghav. When they check darpan has gone.r aghav says she is doing this because she doesn’t want to steal the sweet. darpan hs gone under other table. Raghav says to pinky ar you sacred of her? she says darpan was there. Meethi maa comes there. they hide the sweets. sanju gives them all to her. they say sorry meethi maa. darpan goes to the room where bride is. she says I wanna meet everyone but first meethi maa. She says dev says everyone starts to tremble when meethi maa comes. Now I you all have her love hand. why you all call her meethi maa? She says when bhao got married we were all young. He started calling bhabhi maa. so she became meethi maa. Darpan goes to meethi maa’s camp.

Precap-dev says ranger’s daughter is here. catch her. I will kill them both. dapran overhears it. she collides with someone and says leave me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. again why the ranger is not trying to clear his name and get back in charge of the forest this script is going haywire it losing interest it is about time the ranger get hold of dev and the other bad men and get this script going again it is lagging toooooooooomuch

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