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Scene 1
Ria says why did the small girl kill your mom? He says i don’t know why she did this to me. Ria says what was her name? Ria looks i the mirror and says me? Raghav says not your. the one in which you see your shadow. He name was dapran.

Ganesh screams, tai says whats the problem now. Ganesh points at darpan’s childhood photo. She says thats rias photo. you want it? She gives the photo to him, shubha wonders why he asked for her photo?

Raghav and ria are on the way. Ria recalls what happened. She says sorry, he says its not because of you its because of my past. Ria says where are we going? He says i have to meet someone. Ria says in heart he has someone special? ria says is the person important? He says more important than my life. He stops the car, ria falls

on him. He says get out of the car, you are home is here. Ria cant unlock the door. He unlocks the door for her.

Shubha goes to ganesh and says i don;t know who you are and why are you here but you know something about ria’s childhood. you want her to recalls everything. if you want to stay with her you can but dont take her from us. I have always taken care of her, if she gets to know her past she will shatter. Please don’t make her life difficult i love her like you. Dont ever make her recall anything i beg you. Ria comes home. Shubha swipes her tears. Ganesh has placed ria’s photo with a mirror so she can get to know that her name is darpan. he hides it when ria comes. shubha asks how was your day? Ria says it was fine.

Raghav on the way recalls his moments with naraini and when she told him that she is his mom. He recalls darpan with her deadbody. Ria tells kajal everything. Kajal says i know now why is he so rough. Ria says because of his childhood sameer is always serious. kajal says its not easy to lose your mom. kajal says when did you start drinking black coffee? Ria recalls sameer saying i like coffee black, just the way it is. ria says i planned to try it.

Raghav lights a candle with naraini’s photo. He recalls how she took care of him. He says when you confessed you are my mom, it was biggest day of my life. I feel alone without you. Darpan made it worst day of my life. I get worried alone but then i recall my goal to seek revenge from the one who killed you, i have found darpan but i wont kill her, i will give her so much pain the same kind of pain i have been living with. she has to pay for your death.

Bhao is shown with some men. The men says the wood seller said she doesn’t want to sell it. bhao says dont make animals your friends. 10 years ago i loved a little girl, she loved an elephant, this infuriated me. Raghav comes home. Bhao smiles to see him.
Bhao hugs raghav, Raghav says i don’t understand how you recognize me just with me steps. bhao says i think from heart that is why. Bhao ays you live in my heart. He hugs raghav.

Precap-ria is taking photos in the jungle, ragahv comes there. he makes her trip and then holds her hand to save her. she says please haul me up sir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Darpan did not kill any one ,so why is she been punished for something she did not do .why is the
    killer not investigate,instead he is still leading a good life filled with lies and deceit.

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