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Scene 1
Ria introduces her pets to ganesh. She takes a rabbit and kisses him. Ganesh feels possessive. Ria says don’t be envious they are all part of this family. kajal says we should name him jealous, ganesh says no. Kajal suggests more name for him but he says no. ria says we will name him golu, kajal says no something else, ria says no golu is final for him ganesh is happy.

Ria says now eat the food golu. Ria and kajal go in to eat the food. ria hears ganesh’s voice. kajal says what are you thinking ria? gansh is making noise, ria takes her plate and says i am coming in a moment. Ria goes out and sees ganesh has not eaten anything. ria says why are you not done with your food? you didn;t even touch it? i will make you eat by my hands. She gives him food, ganesh makes him

eat from his trunk. Ria hugs him and sleeps with him there.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Next morning, ria wakes up and realizes she slept with ganehs there. She says good morning golu, ganesh wakes up, ria says i am going i have to reach office.

The man is sameer’s abduction ties to run. He find a piece of plate and cuts his rope. RIa is leaving, kajal says where are you going? Ria says sameer’s office. The man reaches the office and looks for something. Ria comes to the office. The man finds a locket in the drawer. Ria goes in the office, them man hides behind a wall. ria says i will prepare it all before he comes. Ria sees the man and gets scared. she says who are you? the man moves to her. ria says help? is someone there? He says don’t shout i wont harm you. i want to tell you something, ria says who are you? Sameer comes there and grasps him by shoulder. He starts hitting him, the locket falls down. ria asks sameer who was he? sameer scoffs he was boss, came to steal camera here. He sees the locket on the floor and so does ria. Ria takes the locket. SAmeer takes it from here. He says go and wait for me in the coffee shop i will come there.

Sammer goes to the man and says i pardon you for running but.. he shows him the locket, sameer says how dare you to touch this locket. I think your mind went out because of hunger. sameer gives him and apple but he throws away. Sameer says ria likes sameer sen, she is his fan. Famous wild life photographer sameer sen, you are that sameer sen. what can i do? She is the murderer of my mom and i have to seek revenge of my mom’s death from here. He recalls when naraini was dead on the floor. He says past never forgets us. It haunts us like a phantom. He looks at the locket and says your past is in front of you darpan, i promise my enmity will same as my friendship. Ragahv is back darpan and you will have to pay for my mom’s death. you have lost your memory but you wont ever forget this revenge i promise.

Precap-ria says your mom must be waiting for you in the house. sameer says no one waits for me. My mom is dead, ria says i am sorry. He says my had been murdered. Ria says who killed her? Sameer shows her a mirror? ria is taken aback and says me?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. this soap is a lot of shit because this story is going around in circles so why darpan must be going through the same fate as her parents bullshit I am totally fed up with these writers for the whole pack of shit they are writing all the time imagine now raghav comes for revenge against darpan without trying to find out the truth this is what I mean shit shit shit shit shit shit and more shit

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