Bamboozled (SwaSan) By~ Bisha Prologue


“Bamboozled! He bamboozled me!” She kept murmuring.

Meet Swara Kapoor, a young doctor of 25 years. She is a calm, quiet and optimistic woman. She lives in her ancient victorian house with her father, Mr. Sumit Kapoor. Her life revolves around studies and her work.

She was born in a rich family, but never boasted of that. She had always been in the good books of everyone. She had always aspired to become a doctor and ultimately became one. But mystery surrounds her character. She has been through many things but never complained of them any more, nor did she disclose the matter to anyone. Her character has shades and will be unfolded as the story progresses.

She has loved before and ultimately understood that it was only an infatuation. Hence, she has barred her heart from falling in that emotion anymore. An outwardly strong but inwardly broken woman she is.

Meet Sanskar Sen, a 25 year old pursuing his PhD. He has many things under his sleeve. A man of less words and seems to be a very good man.
But, there are many buts in his character and will be unfolded as the story progresses. Sometimes, highly educated people get into plotting cunning plans. Such are those plans that they can devastate anyone’s life, including himself.


We will see how these two cross each other’s path and fall in love, only to be ditched. A game of ditches and revenges, actions masks the path of love. Sanskar will obviously leach into Swara’s heart. But how he ditches her? Triangle love? NO. What happens next? Let us see. My characters aren’t perfect. Perfection lies in imperfection and your eyes will find out that perfection.

What happens when your love cheats you badly? You are deceived and left all heartbroken. Well this isn’t a love triangle that I am talking about. Something else- that turns your world upside down.

Meet Christie Jameson and Lorenzo Nicolson- two people who meet not by chance but by a plan of Lorenzo. They fall in love and take their relationship to the next level.
This is when Christie learns that she had been ditched and fooled all along. Lorenzo did a drama to make his plan successful. But did really they were fooled by love? Or what happens next?

Well, I am publishing this story in Watt Pad with the same name- but there my Characters’ names are- Christie Jameson (here, Swara) and Lorenzo Nicolson (here, Sanskar). But TellyUpdates’ special will have SwaSan as the pair. 🙂

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Friends! A short little prologue for you all. No worries. First chapter to be posted as soon as my other story The Yellow Rose is completed.

I hope you like my effort. I don’t have much in head for the prologue. So tell me your views people. This is the first time I’m getting into writing a full-time love story(?) 🙂

Keep Smiling…

Credit to: Bishu

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  1. Awsome… Waiting for first chap

    1. Yep! Thanks a lot! But for that you needa wait for sometime. I need to be a bit free.

  2. awesome…..

    1. Thanks dear! 🙂

  3. interesting. plz continue

    1. Thanks dear! Will continue as soon as I am on the end of my other story. 🙂

  4. Seems interesting… Plz.continue…

    1. Yup! As soon I am a bit free I will start it. Thanks dear! 🙂

  5. very nice Bishu please continue 🙂

    1. Thanks dear!! 🙂

  6. nice prologue..waiting 4 it..:)

    1. Thanks kumu 🙂

  7. Ok so this is surprise…
    U know what m loving it?????

    I don’t what u to start this… Now u must be thinking why.
    Cz when u start this.. U will end yellow rose… N I don’t want u to end that ???????

    1. U loved it!! :-O . I thought its tge clumsiest prologue ever!! Anyways, thanks dear!! :-* 🙂

      Aww!! Nahi chahti ki yellow rose khatam ho jaye!! Abhi to khatam nahi ho raha hai na! Thoda time aur hai. And u know how irregular I am. So chill! It will take time. Anyways, keep reading♥♥♥

  8. the prologue is awesome though I don’t watch swaragini…. but I have read a lot of swasan fics.

    I hope you know me… by the way… “HI”… 🙂

    1. Hello Rocky!!! 🙂 . I dont know you but will surely get to know you.

      Thanks a lot dear!!♥♥

  9. It is superb dear.. 🙂

    1. Thanks Sweetie!!♥

  10. Omg bisha what a prologue….just amazing
    Really very very very interesting….and I bet sure it would be one of the best ff I’m ever gonna read!
    Just preparing myself for a blockbuster….
    Start it soon;
    Love you dear ?

    1. OMG!! Blockbuster!! Lol. No no. Not that beautiful. ButI hope you will like it.

      Thanks a looot!!!♥♥:-) see ya soon

  11. Bisha di remember me my unknown di , well i didnt knew yellow rose was ur fanfic sorry *holding ears* but i will read this one , u know i dont like the ff where people ditch eachother but if its swasan then i know at the end u have to unite them , otherwise i will kill u .

    Seems intresting , update asap .

    1. Hi Priyu dear!! And tumhe to mar dalungi agar Sorry bola to. U r my sweety pie. Lol. Thanks a lot sweetheart. And chinta na karo, SwaSan hai to SwaSan hi hongi. Bas wait karo. Bye♥♥

      1. Bisha di whats captcha actually i am writing an os , they r saying me wrong captcha please help me

      2. That’s nothing. Just a simple numerical given there. Its just to check if u are a human.
        On that nox you will find a question. Like in my posts the questions they give is- 10 minus 6 plus 1. So the answer is 5, right? just type the answer in number and its done.

        Hope you will be able to post it now. I am eager to read the OS sissy

  12. Awesome dear

    1. Thanks! 🙂

  13. Awesome 😀

    1. Thanks! 🙂

  14. seems very interesting.. continue soon

    1. Yup! I will . Thanks a lot dear!:-)

  15. Awesome…pls continue

    1. Yes! I will do it soon. Thanks!:-)

  16. Awsm nisha! Well I didn’t read yellow rose but definitely I’m going to read this one!

      1. Thanks a lot Kritika! 🙂

  17. it’s looking awesome. I’m dying to read the first chapter. plz post soon.

    1. Thanks a lot dear! I will try to post it asap. Plus needa think the outline too. So stay tuned! 🙂

  18. . Awesome

    1. Thanks!

  19. Bisha it is looking really nice. you had nailed it with Yellow roses and now this one is looking amazing. I love reading stories and the way you potray your characters its mind blowing

    1. Hey! I too love reading stories. In fact I prefer reading to writing. It was an unexplored part till I met TU. And now I write too! I mysrlf feel amazed!

      Thanks a lot dear! I hope to live upto youe expectations! 🙂

  20. I read this on Wattpad but didn’t comment. But now seeing it as SwaSan, I’m happy. As ppl get connected to this couple very easily. Nevertheless Im gonna read it be it Swasan or anyone else cause its ur story!

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