balyakaal (siya ke ram) intro+ episode 1


Hi friends.. This is a fanfic on the childhood of the mithila princesses and ayodhya’ princes. Hope u’ll like it.. I’m sorry in advance for the irregularly posted updates u’ll have to see. This intro is a short one.. Pls comment ur opinions on it, whether criticisms or appreciates.
A beautiful palace is shown..
A small girl of about 2-3 years is standing with a baby ? girl who’s crawling on the floor.. The girl pushes the baby and she cries ?.. A girl of 5-6 years comes with her sister and picks up the baby ?. Bhoomija…… Plays…. The remaining two girls start fighting in their own language. Two beautiful ladies, dressed in beautiful ornamental dresses resembling queens hold the ears of the fighting princesses. Again fighting Urmila and Mandvi?? U’ll never improve and change na… I’ll complain to your dad.. They scold both of them and send them and send them in their room.. A king ? looks on and hugs the eldest girl addressing her as sita.. He holds the baby ? in his hands and cradles her.
This was the mithila family…

Another kingdom with a palace is shown.. A king is shown with three beautiful queens, all in ornamental dresses. They wave to the praja..
An ashram is shown nearby.. Four boys are shooting arrows. One of them roars like a lion and frightens the next one. He goes and hides behind the eldest one. Ram bhaiyya, see lakshman bhaiyya is frightening me and distracting me. Lakshman and shatrughan clap and laugh. Bharat, you’re a coward.. You don’t know anything. You’re afraid from a lions roar.. Haha ?.. Ram asks them not to laugh.. It’s not cowardly to be afraid of a lions roar. It’s cowardly to do bad things. And what if he was afraid? In upcoming time, it is possible that he frightens you all. Now stop playing and concentrate.. They shoot arrows ? ?..
Precap-the mithila sisters are chasing each other.. Ram looks on as Lakshman angrily mumbles something..
Hope you all loved it,.. Pls don’t forget to comment dears..

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow vanshu dear it is just a we a so me.. I just loved it❤❤❤???

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  3. its nice…….loved it

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    amazing vanshu…..keep going on…I really loved it..:)

  5. Very nice intro Vanshika. Thanks for fulfilling my request. One day you will really become a good writer.

  6. Superb vanshu loved it

  7. Loved it sis❤?

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