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Maharishi welcomes Devi Gargi. Sita asks him can Gargi teach here in this gurukul, its her request. Maharishi asks Gargi what is her opinion. Gargi says a lady can’t be welcomed as teacher in this men dominating place. Maharishi asks Sita who is Devi of knowledge. Sita says Mata Saraswati. He says then if a man thinks woman can’t teach, then his knowledge is not complete. Sita asks does this mean Gargi can teach us. Maharishi says sure, I will be glad. Gargi says but I will not change my thinking. He says that will be injustice if you change, this world is big and different thinking can walk together, this is the beauty of the world. I welcome you in this Gurukul as a teacher. Gargi thanks him and says after meeting you, I also feel my knowledge is not complete, and it will be completed here in this gurukul. Maharishi asks the kids to greet their teacher. The kids greet Gargi. Sita hugs Gargi. They smile. Gargi tells the students about Lord Shiv who was upset with his first wife Sati, then Parvati decided to please him by her Tapasya and get him as her husband, this was imp to have balance and bring him out of his sorrow, she has faced many hurdles and then please Lord Shiv, this way their love has become ideal for the world, Shiv and Gauri are incomplete without each other. Sita asks them why is Mata Gauri not preached then. Maharishi says we will make an idol for Mata Gauri. Sita smiles. Kaikeyi asks Dashrath for forgiveness. Ram is meditating. Janak, Sunaina and Sita pray. Janak says I will get a new temple built soon. Sunaina says I m thankful to Sita that she asked this question.

Sita smiles and asks how much will it take, when can I pray ? Mata Gauri. Janak says soon, you have already got Mata Gauri in your heart. Sita hugs him. A messenger informs janak that kushadhwaj has defeated sankasya and returning as a winner. Mandvi and sutkirti dance happily. Sita says but if he (Kushadhwaj) goes we sisters will be seperated.Sita asks Janak will Mandvi and Shruthkirti also go with Kushadwaj..Sita and her sisters talk about Kushadwaj leaving from here to become king. Chandrabhaga comes and asks why did they not sleep. Mandvi says we don’t want to leave. Chandrabhaga asks why, are they not proud of their dad, that he becomes king, she was waiting for this way, why are they sad, don’t they value their parents happiness. She says her decision is final, they all are leaving. Sunaina comes there. Sunaina tells Chandrabhaga that kids are not selfish, their heart is pure, you wanted to become queen, you remember queen’s duty is to unite people, not hurt them.. Siya makes the sisters sleep and sleeps finally.. Next day..Sita and Urmila come to Mandvi and Shruthkirti. Sita asks them to have food, Sunaina made it for them. Sita pacifies them and says she will come to meet them, and they can also come to meet them. She says she will get her toys and they can take it along. Mandvi says we will stay with everyone, in our big family. Mandvi whispers to sutkirti. No one will listen to us. Lets go far away from this place. Sutkirti nods. Janak and the family ask sita Urmila of they’ve seen Mandvi n sutkirti anywhere. They refuse, siya thinks where’ve they gone. She asks Urmila to come with her. We’ll find her in the forest. It starts raining heavily,sita calls for Mandvi and sutkirti. Siaurmi finally find Mandvi kirti inside a cave. Sita asks why did they do this. Mandvi and Shruthkirti say they don’t want to go away from Sita. Sita says I understand, but this is not the solution, come, we will go back and make a last try, if they don’t agree, we will respect their decision, we should not go against our parents. Sita takes her..

Chandrabhaga hugs them..Guru vashisht tells ram that dashrath had broken a promise which will prove harmful to the family, A man tells Janak that BrahmaRishi Vishwamitra is coming here. Janak says its lucky thing for us, welcome him Sunaina, tell our daughters to take his blessings. Janak and everyone welcome Vishwamitra. Janak greets him well. Sunaina does the aarti and tilak. Janak washes his feet and wipes clean. Vishwamitra blessings him. He says everyone call me RajRishi, but its not possible to be a Raja and live as a Rishi, you did this, its big success. Janak says I feel my life is complete, what can I do for you. Vishwamitri says make me meet your daughters, I did not see them. Janak introduces the girls. Vishwamitra says Kushadwaj is brave and blesses Mandvi and Shruthkirti. Janak says she is my younger daughter Urmila, and this my elder daughter Sita. Vishwamitra stands seeing Sita’s Lakshmi mata avatar. Sita takes his blessings. He blesses her. He asks her do you meaning of my name. Sita nods and says friend of the world. He says great. Janak says Sita is getting educated in Maharishi Yagya’s gurukul. Vishwamitri says he is glad. Janak asks the girls to go to their Kaksh. The girls leave. Janak asks Vishwamitra to command him. Vishwamitra says I have come to alert you of upcoming danger. Janak asks what. Vishwamitra says some incidents have happened. Vishwamitra tells Janak about the fights happening in Aryavar, and attacks are increasing. There will be a brave warrior who will free Aryavar from this problem in future, but…. Janak asks what. Vishwamitri says but till then this will become big problem. Ram recalls Kaikeyi’s words. Mantra serves Kaikeyi. Ram comes to her Kaksh. Kaikeyi gets glad and says Ram… Mantra stops her and says don’t go. Kaikeyi says I can’t make Ram wait. Kaikeyi stops recalling Dasharath’s words. Ram says Maa…. Kaikeyi gets thinking. She asks Ram, is there anything important, I m busy. Ram says nothing important, I came to say your son loves you a lot Maa. Kaikeyi cries. Ram leaves.

Mantra says I felt you will open door, its easy you did not. Kaikeyi says its first time this happened that Ram called me and I avoided him, why did Dasharath do this to make a line between me and Ram, which I can never cross…mantra thinks this will become a break in future.. Janak tells the sisters that they’ll never ve seperated. Kushadhwaj and Chandrabhaga will go to sankasya as the new king and queen, and Mandvi sutkirti will stay here.Kushadwaj saying how will he take his daughters with him when they are upset, but he will do his best for them. The daughters hug him. Sunaina pacifies Chandrabhaga. She asks her to accept this and smile. They all smile. Janak asks the girls what will happen when they will go to their inlaws, how will they stay away from each other. Sita says she will pray they stay together. Janak says he prays the same. In the courtJanak tells Raja Sudhanva about his punishment. The people ask Janak to give death sentence to Sudhanva. Kushadwaj says it would be good if Sudhanva died in war. Janak says death sentence is against Mithila’s values, but its their duty to punish him for ruining Mithila’s peace, he will remove Sudhanva from their major Rajyas. Janak asks Sita did she find his decision wrong. Sita says no, I got a question, you told about your major Rajyas, you said no human is owner of the land, then how can Mithila be your own Rajya. They all look on. Janak says siya opened my eyes ?raja sudanba won’t b punished, he’ll stay at as a commoner in sankasya. Everyone get happy ?. the sisters dance merrily hearing this. The screen freezes on their happy faces.

I wish to thank all my friends for your support. This is the last episode of the fanfic and I hope I dint bore you. Have a nice day, pls comment ??

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  1. Padmaja

    Omg u really finished dis ff ah???? It is nice dear….. And no u didn’t bore us and u gave ur best here… Loved it really ????

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx alot Padma di,,.yup di I finished this fanfic cos I dint want to b much irregular..

  2. I will get angry if u tell it bored us dear?. Ur ff was really good dear . U made us imagine the situation . That is the quality of a good writer . Stay blessed .keep writing .keep smiling ?.luv u ?

    1. Vanshika

      Omg thnx alot dii fr sooo much love

  3. NABANITA626

    Why you have finished it?
    It is really good.l?now expecting for your next ff.
    Love you❤

    1. Vanshika

      Love u too di.. I’ll write some one shots next b4 any ff…

  4. i loved it a lot vanshika it was amazing .

    1. Vanshika

      Thnx alot preethi dear..

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