balyakaal (siya ke ram) episode 5

the epi starts with siya and the sisters making flower garlands fr decorating the palace. Bhoomija… Plays…… A messenger comes and tells Janak in the sabha that enemy rajya/kingdom has attacked the kingdom. Janak gets shocked and asks what??? How’s it possible?? We’ve never shown any animosity towards any kingdom. Mithila has always been a peace wanting kingdom. We never fought with anyone. How this time? Kushadhwaj stands up and says maharaja I’ll fight fr mithila. I’ll lead the armies. You be free of fear and be glad. Anyone who wishes to ruin good had always failed and will continue to do so. Don’t worry about me. The armies should be guarded sufficiently….. Janak — bt we don’t keep our armies in here cos we never expected any such attack.. Chandrabhaga comes there and gets alarmed seeing them tensed. She asks them the matter and gets shocked to know about it. It’s unbelievable that anyone can attack is for no reason. She tells this to Sunaina and the girls who get tensed after hearing it. Sita gets thinking how’ll we save mithila then…. Chandrabhaga says there’s no other option. Swami (Kushadhwaj) will have to go. She does Kushadhwaj tilak and aarti. Sita says I’ll go in the battlefield with you. He says no dear, you stay here and take care of Mata’s and your sweet sisters, till then Il kill enemies and return as winner here. Mithila will be safe then, ok.. Kushadhwaj leaves with a small part of soldiers.

A dasi comes and informs Kaikeyi that Dashrath can’t spend time with her, he’s with maharani Kaushalya and ram… Mantra fills Kaikeyi’s ears against Dasharath and Kaushalya. Kaikeyi says its okay that they are spending time after patching up. Mantra says so what, Dasharath should have come here and tell you, instead sending Daasi, Ram is responsible for all this. Kaikeyi gets angry and asks her to stop saying against Ram. She says yes, I m upset Dasharath did not come, but I trust my love. Dasharath is not doing this to hurt me. Did you think of Kaushalya, she has been alone for many years, did you know her pain and love, you won’t understand love. Mantra says I m telling this for you. Kaikeyi asks her to go back, I don’t need you and scolds her. Mantra gets shocked.
Kaikeyi says you will spoil my relations with Dasharath and my sons, go from here, my brother is coming. Mantra says what?? Kaikeyi says yes, you’re of no use, brother yuddhjeet is coming, he’ll teach our sons fighting. Mantra fumes and goes.

The villagers see a storm in the field. They get together and see Parshuram coming on his horse. The villager thinks Janak’s life maybe in danger and runs to inform Janak.

Sita plays with her sisters. Sita sees the storm. The man runs and tells about Parshuram coming. He asks guards to inform Janak, Parshuram has killed many kings. The guards shut the doors and ring the bell. The girls hear this and think will Parshuram kill Janak, even Kushadwaj is not here to protect him. Sita recalls something and says I know how…. She goes to the dhanush and picks it it up, The sisters look at her. Parshuram says Sita as Devi Lakshmi and gets shocked, om mahalakshmi namostute plays….. He says I did not come to harm your dad, your dad is a great man, who works for his Praja and benefits them, you can keep the Dhanush. Sita keeps the Dhanush. She touches Parshuram’s feet and he blesses her. Sunaina takes his blessings too. Sita goes to her sisters and leaves with them. Parshurm is with Janak n tells him that sita isn’t ordinary girl. He keeps his weapon near the Dhanush and sits praying to Lord. He says your daughter’s future is linked with this Dhanush. He takes his weapon back and tells Janak that this Dhanush will decide who will be suitable groom for Sita. Janak says this Dhanush, but how? Parshuram breaks the thread of the Dhanush. He says that person will join this thread, he will be Sita’s groom, only that person will be able to do this who will be Sita’s husband in every birth. He says I have done Shiv Darshan and now I would like to leave. He blesses Janak and Sunaina and leaves.

Precap-Mandvi and sutkirti r sad as Kushadhwaj dint return. Kaikeyi scolds dashrath on NT making Bharat the heir. Dashrath fumes..

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