balyakaal (siya ke ram) episode 4


The Epi starts with Gautam rishi saying
I’m very disappointed on myself that I couldn’t answer the question of that princess. Sita looks on.. Gautam rishi says that when I cursed ahilya I felt very sad and regretted for it. I told ahilya the path of getting free from the curse. When a Raghu Vanshi will come in mithila, his touch will give her freedom from the curse. Sita looks on.. Gautam rishi says that sita won’t study from me, I can tell you who can give her knowledge. Janak asks who???!! Gautam rishi says Mata Gargi. Mata gargi is very gyaani she’ll give the sisters the best of knowledge. He goes. Sita also goes where the sisters are playing. Mila sees her disappointed and asks her the reason. Sita says nothing.. Mata gargi will teach…us.. Mandvi says its nice. Didi you also join us. Let’s play and forget about Rishi. Sita says OK. Mila says Mandvi doesn’t have manners. Mandvi says I was talking to jiji, not your concern. Mila–oh oh really… I don’t think so neither should you demoness. You’re gonna get a reply always from me. Manner less… Shrutkirti–you’re showing great manners Urmila dii. Mila– see demoness your effect is coming on your sister. Mandvi-shut up. I won’t tolerate.

Sita–oh lord!! When these girls fight even the war between devtas and daanavs seem much better. Both of you need some sense. Mila retorts she needs some sense. Saying so she runs away as Mandvi runs behind her. Sutkirti– Stop ✋ Mandvi di don’t fight. She chases them to stop the war. Sita says devasur sangram is gonna take place here!! I’ve to save them ‼ she runs behind them. Khelat phire angna mein…. Rajkumariyan…. Plays… Sita stops as she sees a big bow kept in a room.. The sisters find siya missing. Where did dii go?? Is she playing hide and seek??? Lets find her. How beautiful ‼‼‼ I need to see it‼ saying so sita enters the room. Never saw it before?? From where has it come.. Pitaji dint tell me.. Anyways, I should try to lift it once. She picks it up and lifts it easily. The sisters get shocked while sita gets glad. Urmila-it seems a heavy bow.. Lets tell pitaji.. The sisters go and take Janak where sita is holding the dhanush. Janak says putri sita.. Sita turns. Bhoomija… Plays….Janak gets shocked. Sita keeps the dhanush back. She says why’re you shocked pitaji? What’s so special about this dhanush? Janak tells her that it’s Shiv dhanush which was given to him by parshuram. Sita says rishi parshuram..

Location-ayodhya.. Kaikeyi tells Kaushalya how excited she’s excited for ram’s arrival. Kaushalya prepares for the princes’ arrival. She cooks their fav food. Kaikeyi says fr ram? What’s his fav food jiji? Kaushalya says anything made with love. Kaikeyi says right.. The mothers guide the dasis for decorating the palace. People are shown decorating their homes fr the princes’ welcome.. Ram, Lakshman and the brothers enter the rajya. Kaushalya does their aarti and welcome them. Ram hugs Kaushalya. He notices Kaikeyi tensed. Sumitra hugs the brothers. Dashrath comes next and says Putra ram, my son ram.. Ram smiles seeing him.. Pitaji. Dashrath hugs ramlak.. How’re you both. Fine? Kaushalya says first let them come inside, or you’ve to ask everything here? Everyone smile. They go inside the palace. Kaushalya serves food to the brothers. They get happy ?. Kaushalya feeds them roti Kheer…

Guys I wanna ask one question. I’ve decided NT to include Shanta in this fanfic. Bt if you want pls tell your opinions below.. Don’t forget to comment dears ??.. Sorry fr the short episode

Precap-a messenger informs Janak that enemy has invaded the state. Sita n the sisters look on.Mantra fills Kaikeyis ears

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow it is a awesome epi dear… And in my opinion u don’t want to include Shanta here… Its my opinion only.. If u want u can add…

  2. Nice episode dear . Actually I have not watched the balyakal properly on the show . Ur fanfic is helping me dear
    Update next episode soon and ya it is ur wish to add shanta

  3. Nice epi.For a long time waiting for that….

  4. Vanshika

    Thnx guys so m NT including Shanta…

  5. Swastika

    Oh wow di superb episode really fabulous keep writing wanting for your next ff

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