balyakaal (siya ke ram) episode 3

The epi starts with Sunaina getting emotional ? as all the sisters hug her. Janak , Chandrabhaga and Kushadhwaj enter next wishing happy birthday to Sunaina who gets super happy ?. Janak says I have a gift ? fr Sita, after all she’s planned all this grand surprise for sunaina… Urmila says fr ma??? Janak asks them to wait. Chandrabhaga hugs Sunaina. Sita follows Janak. What do you’ve for me pita ji??? Janak says wait for a minute. Sita says okay alright.. Sita waits while Janak comes with a saint and says he’s Gautam rishi. Sita gasps –Gautam rishi‼‼ Janak says you sisters will be trained in all education and books ? by him. Sita looks at him.
In the ashram guru ji praises ram fr his knowledge. There is none trained in arts and shastras like ram. Indeed ram is the real idol of this ashram. Lakshman smiles. Bharat n shatrughan clap and dance..

Ram smiles. Guru asks him what he thinks about anger. Ram says that it’s very important to control anger and one who manages to do so shall surely succeed. Lakshman looks at him. Bharat says Lakshman wont be affected. He’ll continue to fume. Lakshman hears that and chases Bharat. Everyone laugh ???.
Janak asks the sisters to leave his wife alone for some time. I want to.. … … …
The sisters laugh and leave. Chandrabhaga stops them and says that go to Gautam rishi’s room. Where???? The sisters sigh.. Sita smiles and says, I know where. Come. The sisters follow.
They reach to Gautam rishi room.

Gautam rishi starts the lesson. He tells about anger. He says anger destroys everything. Anger should be controlled at the right time to avoid any problems in the future. One who succeeds to do so always succeeds and remains content with what he has… Sita says if its sooo important to control anger then why you cursed your wife, Mata ahilya. Gautam rishi is stunned. Sita goes out of the room. The sisters follow. Janak gives flowers to Sunaina ???.. Sunaina smiles. Sunaina takes them. Janak gives a gold necklace set and lehenga to Sunaina. She asks him what was the need to do sooo much for her. Janak says that you do so much for me, our daughters, the family and all-over the praja, being their wonderful queen ?. A messenger tells them that Gautam rishi wants to meet them. Janak goes out. Sunaina follows. Urmila says that jiji remarked right, now that rishi may have got some sense. Mandvi –yes, first time you’ve talked right demoness, that saint can jus give knowledge but never ever follow the principles in his life. Sita–no dear sisters, my motive was neither to hurt the saint nor to embarrass him. I just asked him what I felt. But I’m glad to see that you two talked politely for the first time ??.. The sisters laugh. Sita says I’m going to find out what’s happening there in the palace, do you wanna accompany me?? The sisters shake their head in the negative. That’s a very boring task. You go out and explore di, till then we’re gonna play here. Sita-that’s fine, but don’t try to fight. The sisters nod and sita goes.

In the ashram rishi tells the students that their education is over successfully. I’m glad to see your skills and you’ve proved yourself efficiently without any difficulty. I’m happy that the hard work and passion of these all years has been a success, and tomorrow you’ll be united with your family ?… Everyone get happy. Rishi asks them to have food and enjoy themselves. Everyone rush towards the hut.

Gautam rishi tells Sunaina and Janak about siya’s question. Sita looks on. He says that I’m not even one percent angry on sita, for one who dedicates himself to knowledge will surely ask such questions. But I’m very disappointed on myself that I couldn’t answer the question of that princess. Sita looks on..

Precap— Kaushalya waits for her sons. Ram and the brothers reach ayodhya palace. Everyone gets glad. Sita chases the sisters while she comes across a room in which a bow is kept..

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Credit to: Vanshika

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  1. it is wonderful dear , waiting for next episode , update next episode soon

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    Awesome nice superb I don’t have words to say what I feel it’s just just… Awesome

    1. Thanmathi

      Laughed my heart out

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    Wow a awesome epi cant expalin in words dear just loved it ???.. Eagerl y waiting for next epi…

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    Nice article..

  5. Wonderful work Vanshika. Thanks for this wonderful balyakaal. I really want to see those childhood scenes in siya ke ram as well again. Waiting for the next episode.

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