balyakaal (siya ke ram) episode 2


Sita wakes the sisters up.. Wake up.. It’s morning.. Have your forgotten??? It’s ma’s janamdin…omg.. You’re sooo lazy.. We’ve so much of work to do.. The sisters wake up alarmed… Yes yes didi.. We’re waking up early today.. We’ve to do sooo much.. They go and change their dresses. Urmila brings a basket full of flowers ? and collides with Mandvi. They argue … Sita asks them not to argue. Pick up the flowers and come right away. We’ve to decorate the room… Shrutkirti my sister you go and persuade ma. She’ll go out of her room somehow.. Sutkirti says how’ll the garden ? be.. Perfect!! I’ll take badi na there. Sita says Urmila n Mandvi you both won’t fight . Decorate the room. Meanwhile I’ll…… I’ll cook kheer….. The sisters gaze hungrily ????…. Sita goes instructing both of them.. Bhoomija…… Plays…..
Scene 2
Location: Ashram
The competition is started and guru describes the rules of the competition. The participants will have to shoot an arrow ? on each target ? cleaving each other… Everyone go to their places. Bharat shivers as he holds the bow. Ram calms him down. Shaant Ho jao Bharat… Calm down… Focus on your target.. Guru asks ram to take his place. Ram takes his place and shoots an arrow. Ram.. Ram plays….. The arrow ? hits the target.. Lakshman shoots two arrows and they cleave each other. Ram shoots five arrows together cleaving each other… Everyone are shocked.. Ram ram plays…….. The brothers follow…. The princes also shoot arrows. The competition continues.
Scene 3

Location: Mithila
In the kitchen
Sita is cooking kheer. She puts rice in milk and boils it. A lady chops some dry fruits… Sita adds them to kheer with sweet syrup.. The lady tastes it and says wonderful. Naughty girls, I mean urmandvi (Urmila and Mandvi enter the kitchen shouting) they try to eat the Kheer while sita comes in their way,.. Not now urmi, Mandvi… Wait dears… First ma will eat this.. Let me first see what magical decoration you’ve done in mother’s room… She goes to Sunaina’s room. And finds it decorated nicely ??? Urmila and Mandvi start boasting themselves..
U-didi look at this bouquet ???? I’ve kept it here
M-jiji ignore her look at this curtain and bed sheet… It’s my kala…. Look at the finest embroidery..
U-didi there’s nothing in this foolish threading and stitching look here, at this . (sita sees some pearls necklaces ) I’ve made these specially ???? for ma
M-di there’s nothing in this pearls putting on thread
U-shut up…
They start arguing again. Siya laughs while sutkirti removes their attention… Ma is coming…. Sita arranges the bowl of kheer on table. Bhoomija plays…… The sisters put their gifts on table. Sita lights the diyas.. Sunaina comes and gets shocked..
The sisters wish her…. Happy birthday ma ? ??????????…. Sunaina smiles and hugs them… Sita feeds her the kheer. Sunaina appreciates it…..
Scene 4

Location ayodhya ashram
Rishi says that second round of competition starts now. I’ll ask questions to all of you. You’ll answer them. If an enemy will ask you for forgiveness what’ll you do??? Will you kill him or forgive him??? Lakshman says whatever happens enemy is enemy I’ll kill him … Ram says no lakshman it’s wrong to kill enemy ❌ if he’s asking fr forgiveness we shouldn’t kill him and give him chance.
Lakshman -enemy may use the chance……
Ram-if enemy surrenders with full heart we can forgive him lakshman… Rishi appreciates ram.. Ram ram plays,……..

Precap-Janak wishes Sunaina happy birthday ?.. He tells sita n the sisters that they’ll be educated under guidance of Gautam rishi.. Siya is unhappy. Ram says that it’s very important to control anger and one who manages to do so shall surely succeed.


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