Balika Vadhu 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 9th May 2013 Written Update

It’s morning. Shiv and Anandi are in the bed. Anandi wakes up and smiles looking at Shiv. She recalls their sweet moments of last night and feels shy. Shiv also wakes up now and smiles looking at her. They hug.

Jagya is leaving Udhaipur. He instructs Sanchi to give medicine on time and take care of daddu. She stops him in middle and says, I will miss you a lot. Jagya says in his mind, she is so weird.. sometimes so rude and angry and sometimes this emotional. He starts driving and looks at her from the mirror. He finally leaves. Sanchi is smiling.

Back to Kashmir, Anandi is getting ready looking in the mirror and smiling. Shiv comes there. Anandi is about to put sindhoor, but Shiv does it for her. He gets down and holds her hand, and then put bangles on her hand. Both have a long

eye lock. Shiv then kisses her hands and puts her earrings on. And then bindi. Again eye lock and both smile looking at each other. And then Abdul interrupts asking if they are ready. Anandi tells Shiv, your friend always comes on wrong time. Both smile.

Bhairo tells Basant that they should put their properties in bank locker. On the side, the ladies are looking at old photos. Ganga sees Jagya’s photo and says, he looks so naughty. Jagya enters and asks, don’t I look naughty now? Everyone is happy to see him back. Ganga goes to get snacks for him.. he says he had that already. Ganga then says, I will get water. Jagya congratulates Basant and Gehna. Basant says, it’s all thanks to you. Dadisa says, I ate so much sweets.. only you’re left. She is about to tell Ganga to bring sweets, but she comes with it already. Dadisa says, she understands everything without saying. Jagya’s family asks how his work went. His mother then asks if he saw anything else beside exhibition. Jagya says, I saw many places and bought many things for you all.. He gives them gifts that he bought for them. Everyone loves the gifts. He then gives a gift to Ganga. Surprised Ganga asks for me? He says yes.. and I brought something very special for Mannu as well. Jagya’s mother cannot believe he brought gifts for everyone and that too by choosing what everyone likes. read full updates with pictures only at Dadisa says, he cares about everyone. Jagya then says, this time Sanchi deserves the credit. She reminded me and helped me. Dadisa says, I had misunderstanding about her.. I thought she’s very moody girl. Jagya says, even I used to think that, but this time she was different. He gets lost thinking about her saying she will miss him. Dadisa asks him what happened? Jagya says, nothing I will be right back.. he then sees wounds on Ganga’s hand and asks her what happened. Dadisa tells him about Ganga’s bravery.. how she saved Gehna from the goons by putting her own life on risk. Jagya thanks Ganga and asks if its not serious injury. Basant says, we showed to Lal Singh and he says everything will be fine in some time. Jagya is very thankful to Ganga and says who put their lives on risks for others. Ganga says, I just did what this family taught me. Bhairo and Basant leave to go to bank.

Back in Kashmir. Anandi and Shiv are in a parachute. Looking Kashmir from the sky. Now they are shown in Kashmiri dress and in some ride. Now they are on a bicycle in snow, and then on snowboard. Anandi falls down. Shiv gets worried and runs to her right away. He’s looking at her leg and Anandi throws snow at him. Shiv throws it back and they are having a snow fight. They hug and a guy is taking their photographs. The screen freezes on their hug.

Voiceover: missed.. will add later.

Precap: Anandi tells Shiv, now I can’t even think of living without you. Shiv says no need.. because I won’t leave you alone even for a day. Anandi is having pain in her leg. Shiv goes to get pain killer for her. He doesn’t return and Anandi gets worried. She starts searching for him.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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