Balika Vadhu 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Deenu seeing smoke coming out from the hut and thinks if it catched fire. He runs inside the hut and finds Akhiraj burning the cows dung to make magical vabhoot. He says it is cheapest medicine to make, and is not harmful too. Deenu says you take it out through magic. Akhiraj says it is a trick. Nimboli shows the toy animals to Shivam and plays with him. Shivam recalls his bad behavior with her and feels bad. He recalls Dadisaa informing him that Nimboli is Nandini, his sister. Shivam looks at her. Nimboli says she kept these toys safely which was gifted to her when she was small. Shivam says I haven’t seen these toys before and asks her to bring it to Jaitsar. Nimboli gets sad and says she doesn’t know when will Mangla bring her to Jaitsar. Shivam says I will ask

my mum to talk to Mangla. Mangla comes and stops him. She asks Nimboli if you want to go to Jaitsar. Nimboli nods no, and says she don’t want to go without Maa. Mangla asks Shivam to wait few more days.

Akhiraj tells Deenu that he will hide the tablets between his fingers and will shake his hand and makes it a powder. Deenu says you are magical and great. Akhiraj laughs at the blind faith of the people. Kamli says she wanted to come, but she has some work. Anandi asks her to tell the way to Anand’s baba. Mangla and Nimboli comes out. Kamli says Mangla will go with you. Mangla refuses. Nimboli insists to go with them. Mangla agrees and says she will come. Nimboli asks her to come. Harki thinks to alert Akhiraj and goes out of house. Nimboli and others sit in the car and leave. Harki comes to Akhiraj’s hut through the jungle. Nimboli, Anandi, Dadisaa, Mangla and Shivam come in the car. Akhiraj sees Harki. He then sees Anandi coming with others, and gets tensed. Harki alerts him. They sit down.

Akhiraj gets silent. His devotee asks who he has become silent. Akhiraj starts his pravachan and is scared. Anandi gets suspicious. Dadisaa asks what happened to you? anandi says I have heard his voice before. Akhiraj asks them to do work with calm mind and increase love. Shivam and Nimboli laughs hearing him talking wrongly. He says I mean to say Ahinsa is good. Deenu asks them to take his blessings one by one. He blesses everyone. Anandi folds her hand. Akhiraj says Kalyan ho. Harki says it is Akhiraj’s test now as he has to hide his anger. He tells Anandi that your happiness left incomplete in this world and you have sacrificed something to do big. Dadisaa asks him to bless her daughter and asks when will her troubles end. Akhiraj says when she dies. Everyone is shocked.

Akhiraj says she is a maa, and the troubles attached with her kids will go after her death. He gives them cow dung’s powder as prasad. Anandi takes it. He gives to Dadisaa also.
Deenu asks them to go as others are waiting to take his blessings.

They come back home. Kamli says I will make tea for you all. Anandi says I came to drop them. Nimboli says she will return to Jaitsar. Mangla says I will take you to Jaitsar. Dadisaa says we will come and take you both. Kamli greets them. Dadisaa asks Nimboli to take care. Nimboli hugs Anandi. Shivam emotionally hugs her. Nimboli waves them bye and gets sad. Kamli looks at Nimboli. Nimboli asks when we will go to jaitsar. Mangla says very soon and take her inside. Kamli senses something is wrong.

Kamli confronts Mangla and tells that Nimboli should know that Anandi is her mum. Harki hears her and thinks to inform Nimboli.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. 2132 – 08 Mar
    Anandi calls Mangla and asks her about the sadhu’s whereabouts. Mangla, Kamli and Pushkar visit Akheraj. Anandi arrives in Jhalra with Kalyani and Shivam.
    2133 – 09 Mar
    Kalyani and Anandi decide to visit the sadhu. Mangla initially refuses to accompany them but goes when she sees Nimboli going with them. Anandi doesn’t get positive vibes after meeting the sadhu.
    2134 – 10 Mar
    Harkhi gives Kundan a large amount of money. Kamli is suspicious when she sees Kundan splurging his money. Anandi learns from Nimboli that Mangla is not interested in sending her to Jhalra.
    2135 – 11 Mar
    Anant tries to find the truth about how Nimboli is treated in Jaitsar. Kundan gets suspicious about Harkhi’s actions and follows her. Later, he meets Akheraj and is shocked.

  2. I would have enjoyed more if Kalyani had said that they would go without Mangla the moment Mangla changed stance from not going TO going with them. 🙂

  3. sarayu (honey)

    harkhi is doing very good thing by informing nimboli about her. very good

    1. She is going to inform nimboli in negative manner

  4. sarayu (honey)

    i mean about her mother

    1. sarayu…don’t get too excited and high hopes on this…there were plenty of moments like this in the past and they were all waste in the last moment.

  5. Heyyy boysss!;! I love you; u all rock!!, be mine forever!<3, I am hot and s*xy! Anyone interested?

    1. Where did this come from???

      1. May be from any other site or a mad person.

  6. well well Harki will finally serve some purpose go on girl spill the beans its about time .

  7. How stupid Anandi can be she cant understand that baba is Akhiraj . I read in wikipedia that Anandi is an intelligent daughter of a farmer but now she is a stupid mother of Nimboli who don’t no to handle her daughter.

    1. Anandi had only couple of interaction with Akhiraj, but if you think about it –
      Kamli is his daughter and she has been with him her whole life
      Harki is his wife spent her life with him
      When all the reporters, TV audience, police and the village doesn’t recognize him, then there is no surprise when she doesn’t recognize him.

  8. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Guys anybody watch this show from starting till now anybody is here??

  9. Not only Anandi, but also all the villegers and the family members are unable to recognise Akhiraj! Even they are not suspicious.

  10. Mangala and Harki will hide each other’s secrets. And Nimboli will not have respite from Mangala. A rift may develop between Kamli and Mangala.

    Anant did not even look at Anandi. He wanted to avoid Anandi but try to help her in his own way.

    I wish Kamli got golden petal award for best debut. And Nimboli should have got some award.

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