Balika Vadhu 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mannu walking on the road thinking about Ratan Singh. Ganga cries and thinks about Mannu’s hatredness towards her. Ganga tells Jagya that Mannu used to love her and couldn’t be away from her even for a second, but now he has started hating her. Jagya says he will understand in some days. Ganga says she has failed today. She says she had tried to protect him from his father’s bitter truth. Jagya asks her to stop thinking and says he is afraid that they might lose Mannu.

Ganga says he refused to accept me as his Mum. Jagya says he refused to accept me as his dad. He says we have to win his trust so that he can make his future better. Mannu comes to Pooja and says he needs to talk to her. Nimboli asks Kanha ji to give her an idea to stop Kamli’s marriage. She gets

an idea and thinks to give knife to Kamli. She thinks how to reach Kamli? Akhiraj asks Chagani to serve him food. Chagani asks Nimboli to let her go to Kamli’s room as she is missing her. Chagani agrees.

Nimboli hides the knife in the beneath the rice. Chagani asks her to be careful. Kundan comes to kitchen and sees Nimboli taking food plates. He tries to take the plates, but Nimboli stops him saying it is of Harki and Kamli. Kundan stops her and asks to come with him.

Mannu tells Pooja about his father. He tells that he gave fire to his real father. He tells that he met his father once before his death. He opines that his mum left his father as he was poor and married Jagya as he is rich. Pooja asks him not to think like that. Mannu says he really hates them for seperating him with his real father and is in pain.

Jagya calls Anandi and tells about Mannu and the happenings. Mannu goes to Anandi’s house. He refuses to go back to haveli. Anandi asks Jagya to let Mannu stay in her house for tonight. Jagya tells Ganga that Mannu refused to come back and Anandi asked him to let Mannu stay in her house. Ganga is in shock and in tears.

Kundan and Nimboli come to Kamli’s room to serve food. Harki asks why did you come here. Kundan says Bapusaa sent him with her. Harki takes the wrong plate. Nimboli says food is less in that plate and gives other plate. She gives plate to Kamli, but she refuses to eat. Kundan says let her die. Kamli refuses. Nimboli shows her the knife. Harki asks Nimboli to give that plate to her. Nimboli takes out the knife and gives it to Kamli. Kamli hides the knife. Kundan takes Nimboli from there.

Kamli cuts the rope tied to her hands and goes to Akhiraj’s room holding the knife. She says I can’t leave this house before taking revenge for Gopal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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