Balika Vadhu 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Disa taking Nimboli from there. Urmila says she wants to talk to her parents. Akhiraj asks Harki to let her talk to her parents, and asks Kundan to give his phone. Akhiraj calls Urmila’s dad and greets him. He hears Urmila crying and threatens Akhiraj Singh. Akhiraj asks him to listen, and says yesterday was first night for them. He asks him to give call to Urmila’s mum and asks Harki to talk to her. Urmila says she wants to talk to her mum. Harki talks to Urmila’s mum and says this happens for first time. She says both of them fighted and have injury too on their bodies. Harki gives the call to Urmila. Urmila’s mum asks her to not to make an issue and reminds her that Kundan is her husband now. Urmila agrees to stay with them. Akhiraj gets relieved and takes Kundan with

him angrily.

Mannu buys jalebis and thinks Pooja will be happy. He sees Pooja and his photo in the missing category, separately in the newspaper. Mannu thinks what will happen if they see him and runs. Nimboli is making lunch. Harki comes and yells at her. She asks her to make tea for everyone. Nimboli thinks may be Harki didn’t ask Urmila to work in the kitchen as she is new. She thinks to make good strong tea for them. Akhiraj scolds Kundan for beating Urmila and asks did anything happened between you both. Kundan says no, she didn’t allow me to touch her. Akhiraj says Urmila is your bride and asks him to have patience. Akhiraj asks him to behave nicely with Urmila and give her some time to adjust in house. Kundan says okay, I will do as you said. Akhiraj asks him to get ready as they have to go to temple. Once Kundan leaves, Akhiraj boasts about Kundan’s doings and says he is just like him.

Mannu tells Pooja about their photo published in the newspaper. Pooja gets tensed and says where we will go now. Mannu sends their marriage pic to Jagya and also message. Jagya is in his office and is shocked to see Mannu’s mail. He calls Anandi and asks her to reach haveli with Sarita.

Urmila wears her jewellery and looks in mirror. She hides her jewellery seeing Nimboli. Nimboli gives her ginger tea. Urmila asks her to leave. Once Nimboli goes, Urmila thinks what to wear today. She sits to drink tea and finds it cold. She thinks she forgot to drink tea. She looks at her feet and thinks to keep Nimboli under her feet as told by her mum.

Urmila pretends to cry aloud and says where did I am trapped. Kundan says what happened? I just now came here. Urmila says Nimboli brought cold tea for me, and wants to trouble me. Kundan gets angry and says just see what I do to that Nimboli. He goes to Nimboli and asks how dare you to give cold tea to Urmila. Nimboli says she gave her hot tea, and tells him that Urmila is lying. Kundan raises his hand to slap her, but Disa stops him and tells that Nimboli gave hot tea to everyone. She says your wife will get hot tea again. He tries to beat Nimboli. Disa protects Nimboli and says she will heat the tea. Nimboli looks on sadly.

Urmila cries. Harki asks Urmila to wash the clothes and reminds Nimboli that Kundan’s wife is Urmila. Urmila smirks. Jagya shows the photo to Anandi, Ganga and Dadisaa and tells that Mannu and Pooja got married. They rush to Akhiraj’s house and enquire about Nimboli. Disa tells that she went to temple. Anandi says we shall go there. Disa sees Anandi sitting in the car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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