Balika Vadhu 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 9th January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Udaipur and jaitsar haveli
Shiv says that he could increase her happiness a tad bit more.

Sumitra is massaging dadisa’s feet while bhairo is trying to make basant techno savvy. Dadisa says that Anandi would make him learn in 2 days when she comes back to jaitsar. She gets a call from shiv who after asking about everybody, tells her that he would make her happy by informing that he is cancelling his holidays and returning with anandi the next day to jaitsar. Anandi too talks to dadisa and she is told that they are all very happy at this news. While anandi’s family is happy, dadisa tells them to prepare for the pagphere but is concerned of anandi’s reaction when she knows that jagiya has left the haveli. Bhairo says that they would have to lie to her by making some excuse of jagiya’s disappearance. Dadisa wonders that it would be wonderful if jagiya’s news comes before anandi. All tease her happiness by saying that now she would get everything done by her daughter, anandi.

Anandi again persistently thanks saying she would never tire of this. He says that she shouldnt this time since he was selfish in this motive since he wanted her to be ahhpy and therefore wanted her to be near her family. Anandi says this cant be termed as selfish since he always thinks of others before himself. ananaid expresses concern that he hasnt tols his family yet. He says that they would feel bad when he tells them tomorrow but he would manage.

Scene 2:
Location: Udaipur haveli
While ira asks nathu about the morning’s routine and everything, she gets a call from dadisa asking to send sanchi also for the pagphere ceremony with shiv and anandi today and invites them too if possible. Ira is surprised but she doesnt show in front of dadisa and says that she would send sanchi to jaitsar with shiv and anandi. Ira and meenu are surprised to find that shiv didnt tell them and dadisa already knows of his change in plans. Getting her chance, sanchi tries to accuse anandi of this situation that she and her family have already started manipulating shiv on their terms. Meenu and ira are tensed. Meenu tells sanchi not to be prejudiced since shiv could have had an urgent situation. Ira thinks that she would have to talk to shiv about this.

Shiv comes and alok asks if he is going to jaitsar. shiv says that he was about to tell them and asks who told this. Sanchi taunts that his dear dadisa told. Sanchi sarcastically says that shiv can go for urgent work but anandi can stay behind so that they can spend some time with her. Shiv innocently says that he’s planning his honeymoon with her and therefore doesnt want to ccompromise on his nect holidays. shiv asks them also to come along to jaitsar so that they can spend some time also with anandi that they are missing out now. Alok refuses and says that they would love to but they have to finish up their work and handle business too. shiv leaves for breakfast when ira says that they understand this too that they being newly wed would want their own privacy and personal space and they wouldnt wnat to intrude into that.

Once shiv is gone, Sanchi tries to instigate ira by putting the idea in her head that anandi is shrewdly manipulating shiv along with her family so that she can distance him from them and take him away to be with her family.

Location: Laxmibhag Village
Jagiya being the pillion driver on a bicycle, finds the same girl carrying heavy loads falling down due to her wounds and burns. He sees that she is being taunted by her husband and mother in law and taken inside torturously while she keeps pleading her innocenec that she slipped and didnt mean for their harm.

Jagiya stops them in between, surprising them all asking what are they doing. They tell him to leave since there’s no issue to be solved here. He tries to advice them saying that burns are very severe on her legs and therefore she should rest. He snubs him saying that this is no business of his and asks him to leave. He tries to still tell them the implications of a pus on her wounds and that it could prove fatal to her life. His mother too asks him to leave. When jagiya still tries to tell that he knew they had gagged her that day when she came to the hospital. Seeing no way out, finally the girl speaks saying that she is comfortable and doesnt need his help and that he should leave. The bicycle driver coaxes jagiya to leave while the girl eyes him surreptitiously. The screen freezes on her face.

Underlying message: In our society, still a woman is subjected to inhuman torture at the hands of the people belonging to an orthodox society and who undermine women in every way possible. The question being for how long will women stay silent….???

Precap: While dadisa and anandi’s family is jaitsar are too happy and excited to receive their daughter and are preparing for the pagphere ceremony, ira expresses her doubts about the fact that shiv didnt tell them and dadisa already knew of his change in plans and that if it is possible that he is more of anandi’s family now than theirs. Meenu tries to pacify her.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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