Balika Vadhu 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli running on road late at night. A man stops her and asks where she is going? Nimboli says she was going to bus station as her mum is waiting for her there. A man says he will drop her there as it is unsafe for a girl to go alone at this time. Nimboli hesitates, but he takes her with him. Mangla worries for Nimboli and says I left without informing her. How she might be living there. Kamli asks her to talk to Nimboli once. Mangla says no and says she might be sleeping now. She says Nimboli have to live without me. Kamli says this can be done by a Devi only and praises her. Once Kamli goes, Mangla says I am not Devi and don’t want to be devi. I am just a mum. She says I can’t tell the truth to anyone as no one will understand me. She says I want my daughter back in

this house for forever.

Man brings Nimboli to bus stand and asks where is your mum? Nimboli shows a woman and says she is my mum. She goes near them and asks about Jhalra bus. Someone asks her to buy ticket first. Nimboli thanks him. Akhiraj thinks to loot a small vehicle and waits on thr road. Just then a car comes. He says his work will be done now. The car stops as the car’s tyre gets punctured. The magician steps out of car. Akhiraj thinks he is the same magician. I have seen his show today. He thinks this magician is like silver laying hen. He goes to him, and asks him to repair car through magic. Magician says he can’t do magic on tyres. Akhiraj says he will call the mechanic and goes. Nimboli talks to a girl and shows her doll. The woman standing with her scolds the girl. Jhalra bus comes. Nimboli boards the bus. She offers chocolate to the girl. Her mum scolds her and tells Nimboli that she don’t want. Nimboli wonders what wrong did that girl do?

Akhiraj brings the mechanic. The magician gets impressed by him. Akhiraj says I was going to the nearby village and was waiting for the car here to take lift. The magician asks him to come. Akhiraj thinks to win his trust. The girl insists to meet her parents. The man scolds her and says your kaki said naa that we will go to temple first. Nimboli thinks so she is not their daughter. She talks to the girl again and makes her have toffee. She asks about her uncle and aunt. Girl’s uncle and aunt scold Nimboli again. Nimboli asks Conductor to tell when Jhalra comes. He says okay. Jagya comes home.

Jagya tells Anandi that he will talk to Nimboli. He goes to her room. They are shocked to see her missing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This is very boring serial..I think the director of balika vadhu doesn’t know how to write a story… It’s very embarrassing to read such story..colors TV should finish this serial and try to start a new serial…

  2. kindly correct your WU.
    since in today’s episode , Jagya-Ganga were already back & enquired about Nimboli . All three goes in to check on her when they see her sleeping (they mistake Pillows covered with blanket as Nimboli)
    Jagya wants to wake her up so that she must eat something when he was stopped by Anandi . She tells him not to wake her up .she will stay with her and will make her eat whenever she wakes up. Ganga supports Anandi’s thoughts and Jagya-Ganga leaves the room.
    Anandi goes to touch the girl(blanket-pillow) .
    Episode ends with Anandi trying to touch the slept girl on one side and Nimboli on her bus to Jhalra on the other side.

    Precap –
    Nimboli falls asleep in the journey & misses her Jhalra stop. Later conductor tells her that they have come far ahead from Jhalra.
    Anandi after seeing the pillows in place of Nandini , searches the whole house for her and later realizes that Nandini has purposefully set that pillow trap so that she could escape from BH.

    1. Thanks for the update!

  3. What a stupid episode….. Plz stop dragging criminal minds,plz show any useful thing in BV…plz plz plz

  4. I was hoping to see something interesting tonight, but all it took was two lines to make me realize the story is still stagnant.
    This has been the same case since quite a few weeks.
    I have been watching this show since it started and followed it loyally – why ? Because 1: It was a fresh concept, something never shown on TV before. 2: It was unlike other daily soaps which had dragged plots, reincarnations, heavy make-up vamps and twists which took 2-3 weeks to unfold. Balika Vadhu had quite a fast pace and didn’t drag the show at all, Friday the precap was shown, by Monday the plot was revealed and then on to the next story.
    That was the sole reason I liked this show and regularly followed it. But since Nimboli was brought to Badi Haveli, the show has been going at a snail pace and I have almost lost interest in it. I don’t bother checking the updates for days because after 4-5 days, the story has still not changed much and I feel like I haven’t really missed anything.
    I wish the writers stop this boring drama and quickly bring an end to this.

  5. It is very slow. A never ending episode. I watch it rarely and would never refer this episode to anyone. Keeps dragging and dragging.

  6. So going by these spoilers, nothing really is going to happen this week besides Anandi realizing that Nandini escaped willfully bcoz she wanted to leave BH.
    The real question is whether after rescuing Nandini, Anandi will drop her to Jhalra after realizing that the girl is not willing to stay in BH without Mangala?
    Or Nandini will realize that Anandi isn’t bad & will agree to continue staying in BH till Mangala return, unknown to the fact that Mangala has no mood to return to BH ?

  7. Really both these serials are getting very dull and boring!

  8. I’m reading the comments of others and everyone is complaining!

  9. probably again nimboli will be in hold of akhiraj and finally truth will be revealed by him only to nimboli that anandi is her mother.

  10. Shobha garrett

    Good point Rekha. Let’s remember that Akihiraj was fascinated about the magician. So now I’m thinking while
    Nimobli is a silly little runaway, she will
    See Akhiraj as a magician she will not recognise him but he will her, and in disgust and anger he will tell her that Anandi is her mother, then he will
    Attempt to kill her and the doctor Anant and Anandi will show up and save Nimobli. And then somehow Anandi will look shyly into Doctor Ananta eyes and then they will fall I love and get married and live happily ever after.

  11. Shobha garrett

    And oh yes this will me Anandis third marriage with Doctor Anant.
    Third time is a charm!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Night night all. Bring on the Kachoris!!!!!!
    Yummy in my tummy.
    Please keep Balika Vadhu going this is my entertainment.
    Jai Mata Di

    1. You only see Kachoris in this serial…:)

  12. bekar ho gayi hai story line

  13. balika vadhu finally gather many villains akhiraj, kundan, mangla but who is weak person anandi shivraj only.
    anandi lost previous charm, last 10 years onwords she struggles for nandini,finally got nandini but where is happy, smile on anandi face.???
    anandi names represents happiness but not that role…
    singapure people not come back even they are not enquired about nandini till many years gone… where is mahi ?? ok he is in army?? when come back to jaisther??
    kalyani devi(dadisa) strong role becomes fool in front of mangla hahhh hahhh?? ??
    anandi shivraj haveli closed many years back after shiva died.. is it opened with nandini??? after uniting nandini with anandi….this is main point here to discuss really anandi reach her daughter as a mother ???? still this story line drags until 2025 OMG!!!!!
    amol, nanda kishore, jagadish parents, gulli,sarika family, singapore people, mahi, nimboli fake mother, anandi real father where ? the roles come back again into picture according to the situations!!!!! or not?????

  14. this serial totally spreads negative vibrations. it was once good to watch and had some msg but right now, it is totally a waste. i stopped watching the serials as it spoilt my mood and night after work and i read the updates once in a while. bt now reading it too spoils my day so i guess iv to totally stop it

  15. I love the viewer’s comment more than the serial

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