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Balika Vadhu 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi trying to make her baby calm as she cries. Subhadra taunts her. Amol comes and asks for food saying he is very hungry. Anandi says don’t be stubborn, just 2 mins. Anandi takes the twin kids to garden area. Amol looks sad and sits on sofa. Subhadra pretends to sympathize with him. Amol says Maa will come back and give food to me. Subhadra fills his ears against Anandi, saying she has got her own kids now. I fear that she will send you to your own parents’ house. Amol gets angry with her and tells Subhadra that he will never hear anything against his mother. He says Shivam and Nandini need her the most as they are small. Anandi comes back and hears Amol giving a good reply to Subhadra. She tells that I hope you won’t try to manipulate Amol against me. She takes

Amol to give him food. Subhadra gets irked thinking Amol insulted her. She thinks Anandi is sitting like a queen in her brother’s house.

Vinay talks to the Inspector and asks is your team ready to raid Anoop’s farmhouse. He says yes, but asks whether it will be right? Vinay says if Shiv would had been alive then he would have done the same thing. Lets go to the farm house.

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The goon try to slap Ganga while other goon stops him. He gets their boss call. He informs him that 3 girls ran away and assures to bring them back. Ganga gets angry. He says my boss is coming. Ganga says I will see what he can do. The goon threatens her. Ganga prays for the girls and also for her respect. She requests Devimaa to send Jagya there anyhow. The police team comes to the farm house with Vinay. The care taker couple opens the door. Vinay gets shocked to see the antique idol and says I don’t believe this. They come to Daddu’s house in the night. Everyone get shocked seeing Vinay with the police team. Subhadra asks what is the matter? Daddu asks did you enquire the matter. Vinay says we got antique pieces in the farm house and got proof. Daddu says I am mentally prepared now. Vinay says police team came to arrest him. Daddu says he is not at home right now. Vinay says no, he is right infront of my eyes. The Inspector arrests Alok Shekhar on the charges of theft of stolen antiques and keeping it.

Everyone get shocked. Daddu asks now you are accusing my other son. Alok accepts to do business of stolen antiques. Anandi asks what is this? She says you people was doubtful about Anoop, but now you are accusing Alok. Vinay says we got the proofs against Alok and shows the labels of his company on the antiques. Daddu says it is a conspiracy. Alok says I accept that it is mine, and let me go with the police. Daddu asks him to shut up. Anandi asks Vinay to give them some time. Vinay says ok and asks the Inspector to take Alok in the morning. Alok goes inside his room. Daddu wonders what is happening. Subhadra asks Anandi to go to kids. Ira asks Alok what is happening? Alok asks her to calm down. Alok says I put my company’s tag on Anoop’s stuff. Ira asks why. Alok says Papa ji won’t be able to bear if Anoop goes to jail. Ira asks if Papa ji will bear if he goes to jail being his son. Anandi hears them and gets shocked. Alok says I hope you understand me. He asks her to support him in his doings. Ira nods.

Shobha and the girls reach the hut after walking all night. They ask the shop keeper about Jagdish Singh. He says he doesn’t know. They ask him about Jaitsar. He says it is miles away and shows the way to the Police station.

Jagya is sitting sadly at his house. Kusum consoles him and says you will get your Ganga soon. Jagya says he is alive because of Ganga and if he loses her then he will die. Kusum thinks Jagya loves Ganga very much. She thinks Ganga might have done some good deeds in her previous birth, that’s why she got him. Jagya gets a call from the Police Inspector informing him about Ganga’s whereabouts. Shobha takes the call and tells that she can take him there. Jagya gets shocked.

LP Shrivastav asks the goons to wear bangles as Ganga slapped him. Ganga hears him and thinks the voice seems to be known. LP Shrivastav comes to her room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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