Balika Vadhu 9th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 9th February 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 9th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar hospital
Dadisa asks lal singh about basant and gehna’s condition. Basant says that there’s nothing to worry about and its just some tiredness, and he would start the medication soon. Ddaisa instructs gehna to do the same. Gehna offers to help, but everybody say that sumitra would handle all the work alone. Dadisa tells them of the descision they have taken about ganga. They rush home since nandu must have returned from school.

Jagiya administers the medication himself on ganga, when she is sleeping, while shiv is regularly visiting the police station for information. ganga keeps talking about her son in the sleep.

The police finallyu catch the wardboy while he was trying to run off, disguised as a girl. The inspector informs shiv,

who immediately goes to the hospital, to tell this to jagiya.

While ganga wakes up thinking about her son, shiv tells jagiya that the wardboy had been caught and that he has accepted everything that he committed. Shiv notices ganga standing in the door, and points to jagiya. Jagiya rushes to her and puts her on the bed, saying that she shouldnt walk around unassisted. He says that she shouldnt feel bad, since there was nopthing left in this relation and its not a big deal. ganga says that it definitrely is, since they tortured her all her life, but she was still a member of that family, and ratan’s son’s mother. She lamenst that they didnt even think twice about taking away her life. Shiv asks her to calm down, and get better soon, since they would soon file a case against ratan, that he would have to fight. shiv and jagiya decide that they would ganga’s son back to her. ganga too volunteers to go with them. Shiv and jgaiy try to tell her that it might be dangerous and she is physically also unfit. But ganga is adamant that she would rather face their bullet and see her son, than sit here helpless in anticipation. Jagiya asks her not to be emotional and immature, but ganag stays put that now noone can stop her from seeing her son. shiv finally agrees to take her along and convinces jagiya too.

Scene 2:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Meenu finds anandi making up the bed, and remembering what she saw, is tensed. Anaandi gets shiv’s call who tells her that they are leaving for ratan’s haveli. Ananadi too offers to go, but shiv says thyat it wouldnt be right, as its legal issue and ganga is directly involved and jagiya is a prime witness, and she is nowhere concerned with the case. And if anything happens to her, then he would have to involve himself personally, and that would hamper the law proceedings. Ananadi says that she understands. shiv asks her to pray for him.

At the dining table, sanchi and meenu get into a discussion with anandi, that they shouldnt allow ganga in their haveli, who’s after all a stranger and that if she doesnt go later, then she would pose a problem. Ananadi says that not eveeryone in this world is wrong, and that its humanity to help others even when shiv is doing everything within his reach. She tries to convince sanchi that ganag doesnt look like the kind of people who would take advantage of people, since she looks to be very self dependant lady. Sanchi gives up frustratedly saying that its useless to stop her from social work and leaves. ananadi gets upto keep the dishes in the kitchen. meenu stops anandi saying that she needs to talk about something. Ananadi asks what is it. meenu says that she forgot now and that she would talk later.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
while on their way to the haveli, ganga is in rage saying that is she finds ratan, she would beat him to pulp. jagiya asks her not to bother.

When they enter the village, ganga is excited showing jagiya around, where all she had taken her son. She thinks that her son might be hungry and noone would be able to understand his needs, and is getting restless. Seeing an ambulance and a police jeep, the villagers are confused.

Scene 4:
Location: Ratan’s Singh’s haveli
While the baby is crying, ratan angrily tells ghanshyam, to take the kid outside so that he stops crying or atleast his crying doesnt reach their ears.

As they reach ratan’s haveli, ganga finding her son on the front door, crying in ghanshyam’s arms, runs towards him, despite shiv and jagiya warning her not to and then running after her. Ratan hears ganga’s voice and comes outside and sees this. He closes the door on her face. shiv and jagiya think of a plan, to do something while ganga keeps shouting at his door, asking for permission to come inside and take her son, since she is his wife after all, and his son’s mother.

Ratan, inside, takes the the whole family, out from the backdoor, telling them that ganga has come with the police. The screen freezes on ganga’s crying face.

Underlying message: Motherhood develops when the child is in the womb itself. Therefore whenever she feels threatened about her baby, a mother can go to any lengths to save her child from any danger that she suspects.

Precap: Jagiya breaks open the door but finds none inside. Meanwhile, they spot ratan fleeing with his family, and shiv and jagiya along with ganga run after the jeep but lose it, while the kid keeps crying in the jeep. ganag collapses on the ground.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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