Balika Vadhu 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nimboli asking Madhav, what he would like to have? Madhav laughs and asks her to ask Kundan instead of him. Kundan asks her to bring any cold drink. Nimboli sees him laughing and asks? Kundan asks her to bring lassi. Nimboli says she will send Chagani. Kundan asks her to bring it. Madhav laughs. Kundan promises that Nimboli won’t be saved from him anymore. Nidhi wakes up in the hospital and sees her mum at her bedside. Her mum asks her not to look at Anandi, Sarita and Dadisaa. She says I don’t understand why people praise your school. Nidhi says mistake is mine. Her mum says what happens if she takes one or two sips of wine. Anandi says don’t you think she did wrong? Nidhi says I saw her drinking since my childhood. I couldn’t stop her. Anandi asks whether your problems

lessened because of wine. Her mum says we shall go home.

Nidhi pleads to Anandi to give her a chance and promises not to break any rule of Shiv Niketan. Her mum asks her to stop and says I won’t leave you here. Nidhi says I will not go back. Her mum says she is waiting for her in the car. Anandi stops Nidhi’s mum from taking her suitcase. She asks Sarita to keep Nidhi’s stuff in her room and says Nidhi will stay here. Nidhi gets happy and smiles. Nidhi thanks Anandi and says she will not break her trust.

Nimboli brings lassi. Kundan opens the door and stares her. Madhav also stares her. Kundan asks her to give glass in Madhav hand. Madhav says we will take. Kundan says no and says let her learn something. Nimboli gets tensed and gives the lassi glasses. He holds her hand lustily. Nimboli asks him to leave her. Kundan twists her hand and hurts her. Harki calls Nimboli, so she opens the door and leaves.

Jagya asks Ganga, did you have food? Ganga says I am not hungry. Jagya asks how can it be possible. Ganga says you are more experienced than me and knows better. Jagya says whatever I said in the hospital was not intentional. You are blaming me, this is not right. Ganga closes the door and windows and says she doesn’t want their family to see the drama. Jagya says you would have know when did it happen for first time. Ganga asks can’t you forget that day. Jagya says your words hurt me very much and I can’t forget it. He leaves. Ganga says I loves you very much Doctor Saheb. I accept that I did a mistake that day.

She recalls talking to jagya about Mannu’s birthday party. Jagya tells that Mannu is 10 years now and should know about his real father Ratan Singh. Ganga asks why you wants to tell him. Ganga says kids have more strength to accept the truth. Ganga says she is a mother and don’t want her son to feel bad. Jagya says you are not equal to Anandi. She believes in fighting with the troubles and you hides your face. Ganga says I was thinking why you didn’t tell her name till now. She says you talks about her always. Jagya says are you scared? Ganga says since she came here, you always cares for me. Jagya says you doubts on me. He reminds that she assured Anandi that we will stay as a family. Ganga says she recalled everything and didn’t lie. She says you thought to get Anandi fully and wants to get rid of me. Jagya gets shocked and raises his hand on her.

Kundan comes to Nimboli’s room at midnight and asks her to wake up. Chagani wakes up instead and asks what are you doing here? In the morning Chagani informs Harki about Kundan coming to Nimboli’s room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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