Balika Vadhu 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the case in the juvenile court. The Lawyer tells that Kundan is charged for trying to rape his underage wife. He tells his father Akhiraj framed teacher Kishore and trapped him. Harki says it is a lie. Constable says he heard Kundan accepting to his crime, when Anandi came to meet him in Juvenile home. He says Kundan accepted to be eyeing Nimboli and tried to molest her before also. Judge asks Kundan to tell the truth. Kundan says he is innocent and is being framed. Judge suggests him to accept the truth, and says he will change or better in juvenile home if he accepts, else he will become a big criminal. Kundan says he didn’t do any crime. Judge tells that there is no doubt that Kundan is guilty and gives him punishment to stay in Juvenile for 15 days. He says Kundan will

be counselled in Juvenile home, and asks his family to pay 15000 Rs.

Geeta gives clothes to Nimboli. Disa says no, it is for your daughters. Geeta says Nimboli is also like my daughter and asks her to keep the clothes. Nimboli says she wants to wear it now. Geeta asks her to wear it on Navrathi day. Nimboli asks about the toys. Geeta says you can keep it as well. She goes to attend the call. Nimboli tells Disa that Geeta loves her daughters very well. Disa says some mum are like Geeta and others don’t care about her daughters. Nimboli thinks about her mum and says she might hates me so much. Disa asks her to forget her mum and says your real mum is me, I am with you. Nimboli says yes. Disa asks if your real mum comes infront of you, then what you will do? Nimboli says I will throw stone on her. Disa asks her not to say that, and asks what you will do if your mum want to take you home. Nimboli says I will never go with her. Disa hugs her happily. She provokes Nimboli against her real mother and says she is a dacoit and chudail who has done injustice to you. She says I hope you never meets her. Nimboli says she is big, bad chudail. Disa says yes. She asks her not to go with her real mum even if she scolds her, emotionally blackmails her etc. Nimboli says I will not leave you and hugs.

Harki comes back to Akhiraj and asks how to save our Kundan. She says 15 days will go easily, but from where to get 15000 Rs. Akhiraj asks her to ask his friends. Harki says nobody is reluctant to give money and refused to help me. Akhiraj is shocked. Harki says she has only one way now and have to sell her ornaments. Akhiraj says it is not right for a married woman to sell her ornaments. Harki asks then what I shall do? Akhiraj asks her to ask money from Kamli and convince her. Harki nods and leaves.

Geeta’s husband brings ornaments and clothes for Disa and Nimboli. Disa says why did you bring it? Geeta says I told him and he got it. Nimboli likes the stuff. Geeta’s husband says I think you haven’t liked it. Disa says I am a widow and can’t wear it. He apologizes and asks her to keep the stuff which she thinks is good. Nimboli says I will keep everything for me. Geeta asks Disa to select the clothes. Geeta’s husband eyes Mangla and thinks he has to work hard to get Mangla.

Harki brings tiffin for Kamli and acts good with her. She says I brought laddoo for you. Kamli asks her to come to point and asks what do you need? Harki apologizes to her and asks for 15000 Rs. to get Kundan out of jail. Kamli asks why shall I help you? You have money in your locker? Harki says I just have money on my body, even if I sell it then I will not get 15000 Rs. She asks her to help with money? Kamli says Kundan should stay in Jail and get punishment. Harki is shocked and goes. Disa is working in kitchen and making food. She tries to get a bottle, and gets on the table. Geeta’s husband smiles.

Geeta’s husband takes that bottle and tells Disa that he will help her. He asks her to wear clothes brought by him. He gives her box. Geeta comes and asks what you are doing here. Her husband says he is waiting for breakfast. Geeta says Mangla makes delicious food. Her husband says he is very much hungry and asks her not to make him wait for breakfast. Disa looks on tensedly.

Anandi comes to the temple and sees Nimboli dancing in the Navrathi function. Disa stops her and says you can’t meet my daughter. Anandi slaps her and runs to meet Nimboli. Nimboli identifies her as Chukke Chudail and hugs her. Disa looks on shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I guess fake recap again… To attract viewers….

  2. Yes I thought so.. As anandi was shown single in precap. I don’t think she ever goes out without Jagya or ananth. I think it’s disa’s imagination!

  3. Yes,it’s a fake precap may be it was a dream to mangala

  4. yeah too boring for long they are stretching

  5. made it stupid serial jus fr record breaks..draging bt sense

  6. I hate to watch is serial. When u will join mother and daughter will u take it for another 2 years. This is not good your taking the story to some where else

  7. I think the current situation of mangla makes her realize that all men are same or will put her in a situation where she gets traped then she will gv nimboli by herself

  8. anandi and nandini are not unite now… nandini hates her mother…shedont know anandi is her mother… nandini hugs only her chukke chudail not her mother…

  9. its not a dream… because nandini hates her mother

  10. I think dis i imagnation of mangla.plz it may be bore u fast reunion nan&anadi

  11. please fastly upload
    9th october2015

  12. Werz todayzzzz 9th oct upload… making us wait soo much.. let us know at least wen r u going to upload so that v won’t wait for it.. and check this page repeatedly ??

  13. The Disa has brainwashed Nimboli. She makes Nimboli feel so cheaply of her Mother. How selfish can Disa be?

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