Balika Vadhu 8th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 8th October 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 8th October 2013 Written Update

Sanchi cuts her wrist saying she can do anything to get Jagya back and Jagya is only hers.

Other side, Jagya fills Ganga’s maang in the mandir.

Anandi comes to Sanchi’s room and is shocked to see Sanchi down on the ground and blood flowing from her hand. She screams, Sanchi.

In mandir, the priest announces that the wedding is completed now. Jagya and Ganga are husband and wife from today. The priest then asks them to take blessings from the elders. Jagya takes Ganga’s hand in his and take her to his family. They bend down to touch Dadisa’s feet first, but she steps back and turns away her face, and then walks away. Basant calls Nandu, and Basant, Gehna, Nandu too join Dadisa. Then it’s Sumi who joins them. Ganga is crying. Dadisa turns and calls Bhairo. Bhairo

looks at Jagya-Ganga and asks, won’t you take blessings from your bapusa? Lal’s wife, Ganga are happy while Sumi is shocked. Jagya and Ganga touch his feet and take blessings from him. Dadisa is surprised. Bhairo then tells Basant to take everyone home and he will come later.

Anandi calls Shiv there. Whole family comes running there and are shocked to see Sanchi in such condition. Shiv carries her and they rush to take her to the hospital.

Bhairo tells Ganga, I don’t have anything to give you as shagun.. he takes off his chain and says, “keep it, bahu”. Now I have right to call you bahu, right? Ganga is very happy. Jagya tells Bhairo that he will be very thankful to him after what he did. Bhairo says he will take them to home now.. as without devimaa’s blessings, they can’t start their new life. Kaka tells Ganga to go and he will take Mannu home.

Shekhers arrive at the hospital. Ira is crying and says nothing should happen to Sanchi. Doctor stops them from entering operation room. Ira cries that she needs to be with Sanchi. Doctor says that they will try their best. Alok tells Ira to calm down.

At haveli, Sumi is telling Dadisa and others that Ganga took full advantage of Jagya and finally snatched him away. With her sweet talks, she also took Bhairo on her side now. She says, we can’t stay quiet.. we will have to do something. She asks Dadisa what they can do. Bhairo enters. Sumi says, so you finally returned.. I can’t believe that you gave blessings to that Ganga. Right then she sees Jagya and Ganga entering and gets quiet and shocked. Looking their angry faces, Ganga looks at Jagya. Jagya gestures her to say dont worry. Dadisa is shell shocked as Ganga and Jagya are coming in. Sumi asks Bhairo, how did you bring them here? This woman has no right to enter our house. Bhairo says, how she doesn’t have right? She is daughter in law of this house now. Sumi says, I don’t believe that. Bhairo says, by you not believing .. truth won’t change.. to the whole world they are husband-wife now. They married with all rituals. Dadisa says, I agree that they married with all rituals.. we can’t do anything in that.. but didn’t you think to ask me before bringing them here? Bhairo says, I just brought them here so they can take blessings from Kuldevi. Dadisa says, fine.. I can’t stop anyone from taking blessings from Devimaa.. here’s the mandir.. they can take blessings, but I don’t know whether you will get any blessings or no. Jagya and Ganga take blessings from Kuldevi. Dadisa says, are you done as there is no place for outsiders in this house. Ganga cries. She bends down and touches her head on the floor.. in front of Dadisa’s legs. Dadisa doesn’t step back this time or does anything. Ganga is still crying. Jagya then puts his hand around Ganga’s shoulder and they leave from there. Sumi is very angry and ignores Ganga as she’s leaving. Dadisa and Sumi leave from there.

All shekhars are waiting impatiently outside the operation room. Ira asks, why Sanchi did this? Is there anything greater than life? Did I fail as a mother that she took this step? Meenu says, it’s not your fault. Alok tells Ira to have faith in the God.. Sanchi will be fine. Shiv is angry.. he bangs his hand on the wall. Anandi goes to him and puts her hand on his shoulder. Shiv says, you said Jagya changed.. did you see what he did to Sanchi. He is solely responsible for Sanchi’s this condition.. for pain that my mum is in.. Daddu who always used to be strong is standing helpless.. my dad is very angry from inside. Jagdish is responsible for all this.. I will never forgive him for the pain that he gave to my family.

Doctor comes out and says that they have started the treatment, but it’s clear that this is not an accident case. The patient tried to commit suicide. He asks if they informed police. Shiv shows his ID card and says, I am a collector.. I will inform police.. please take care of Sanchi. Doctor says okay and goes in. Ira asks Shiv if Sanchi will be fine. Shiv says, everything will be fine. Screen freezes on Anandi’s face.

Voiceover: Sometimes an immatured person takes such steps in selfishness which not only puts himself/herself into a trouble, but also to the others.

Precap: Anandi, on the phone, tells Sumi that she will talk to her later as they are in hospital right now. Sumi asks, why in hospital?
Sumi tells everyone in her family about Sanchi’s suicide attempt.
Ira tells Anandi, I had told you to either keep relationship with us or that Jaitsar family, but you didn’t listen to me and kept relationship with that family. You’re such a hard-hearted person.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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