Balika Vadhu 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 8th May 2013 Written Update

We start in Kashmir. Abdul has ordered so many dishes for Shiv and Anandi. Anandi says, but first tell us what we are eating. Abdul gives information about all the dishes and drinks. He serves them Kawa, a Kashmiri tea. He says you won’t find this anywhere else in the world. Shiv and Anandi love the tea. They says, it’s very refreshing. Abdul asks them to start eating now. Abdul shows them a lunch box and says my wife gives this to me everyday.. and if I don’t finish it, she won’t let me in the house. Anandi asks him what’s in his lunch box. They taste that as well, and they love it. They exchange their food with him. Anandi is praising the food and asks Abdul to thank his wife on their behalf. They leave from there and some two ladies are staring at them from a distance. They say, “wahi


Some people are dancing and everyone is watching at them. Shiv takes their and Anandi’s photos. Dancers pull Anandi with them, and she dances on song “Bhumro Bhumro” with them.

Sanchi brings medicine for Daddu. Daddu tells her, later.. I am reading newspaper. Jagya comes and says, you can read newspaper later, but medicine is important. Sanchi smiles seeing him. Daddu takes medicine. Jagya says, I came to meet you all before going back. And I hope you will listen got Sanchi and take medicine. Daddu says, I will.. I will. He asks him to stay here for couple of more days. Jagya says, i would have stopped, but I have to take care of my patients.. they are very stubborn. Daddu jokes and tells Sanchi see he’s talking about you. Daddu leaves as he has some work.

Sanchi and Jagya alone. Sanchi tells him, if you do my treatment again, then I promise.. I won’t bother you. Even if you do treatment of my heart. Jagya glares at her. Sanchi laughs and says, I was just kidding. Jagya receives a call from Ganga. Ganga tells him that Radio fell down by mistake from Mannu and now its not playing. She says, you gave such a expensive radio and.. Jagya instructs her to check batteries. Ganga checks and tightens them and it starts playing. Ganga says, your doctor of radio too. Jagya laughs and Sanchi is not happy. Jagya then says, I miss Mannu a lot.. how is he? Ganga says he misses you a lot too. Jagya tells her that he is coming back in the evening and he will take him out. Sanchi is lost in some thoughts. After the call, Jagya asks her what happened. Sanchi says, I was thinking about Ganga.. she is so dumb.. can’t check batteries on her own. For such a small matter.. she had to call you. Jagya says, she is not dumb.. she is very intelligent.. and she is the first woman who I know who is very brave. She really thought that expensive radio stopped working because of her son and that is why she called. Sanchi then says she has to attend a birthday in Jagya’s town so she might visit his house. Jagya says, “kyaa baat hai”.. you used to not to like that place, right? Sanchi says, yes.. but my opinion changed after meeting you. Because of you that boring town seems colorful. Jagya doesn’t seem too happy. Sanchi’s family comes there now and ask them, you’re going back? Jagya says, yes..and I wanted to thank you all for taking care of me. Shiv’s mother says no need to thank.. it’s our duty. They give him gifts. Jagya thanks Sanchi for showing him Udhaipur. Sanchi says, you’re most welcome She goes till door to drop him.

Back to Kashmir. The room is brilliantly decorated with the candles, flowers, etc.. Anandi comes out in a pink saree. Shiv cannot takes his eyes off her. He says, beautiful… and his dreams weren’t as beautiful as this.. He cannot believe him finding girl like Anandi. He asks her how she found his surprise. Anandi says, I will never be able to forget this. Shiv says, tonight is going to our most beautiful night. He kisses her hand. Anandi feels shy and tries to go away, but shiv doesn’t let her go. He then kisses her forehead.

Shiv says her, I love you. Anandi says, I love you too and they hug. (Wow you have to see pictures.. what a romantic night). They sit down on the bed. Shiv touches her cheek, neck.. and both of their heartbeat seems to be high. They go down on the bed and that’s the end of romantic scene.

Voiceover: Only after a physical relationship, a husband and a wife become a true husband-wife. This is the start of their new lives.

Precap: Shiv and Anandi are playing in the snow. Someone is taking their photos. Anandi has got injury on her leg as she fell down in the snow. Shiv tells him that he will go and bring a pain killer. He still hasn’t returned and Ananid is worried. Abdul asks her where did he go? Why is he taking so much time? Anandi says, he just went to get medicine…

Update Credit to: Shreya

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