Balika Vadhu 8th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kundan telling Nandini that he will make her life hell. Nandini pushes him and gets up. She sees Anandi’s asthi falling down and her pic at the other side. Kundan bends down to pick it. Nandini picks it and asks him not to dare touch her mum’s asthi. She says if you are Kundan, then I am also Anandi’s daughter. She says I will make you fail. When Krish comes to know about your truth, he will hate you. Kundan laughs and says where did you get trap? He says that Krish couldn’t do anything, as he loves his mum and his mum loves me very much, and I love you. He says you mum had taught you how to fight with troubled, but hadn’t taught you how to use someone weakness. He says do you know how did Karuna get trapped by me. a fb is shown, Karuna comes to jail

to gives clothes to the prisoner. Kundan thinks she can free him. A prisoner attacks Karuna and holds knife on her neck. Kundan beats the prisoner. Karuna gets a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital by the doctor. Kundan thinks she can take me out from here. He says I have become her weakness slowly and she became my strength. He says when she was operated, I was with her. Nandini is shocked. Kundan says even Police didn’t know that I was with her, and asks her not to tell anything to Karuna else her breath will stop. Nandini is shocked. He says when Krish comes to know that his mum’s reason of death is you then he will not spare you.

Nandini says nothing will happen. Kundan says that’s why God made me meet Karuna. Nandini asks why you are playing with Karuna and Krish’s life. Kundan says I can ruin their lives to take revenge from you. Nandini pushes him and runs. She collides with Krish and Karuna. Karuna feels much pain. Krish asks her to sit and asks Nandini to do something to his mum’s feet being resident doctor. Nandini checks her feet and says it is sprain. Karuna shouts. Krish pushes Nandini and says you are a doctor and not massager. Karuna says my pain is gone, just as she pulled my foot. Krish apologizes to her.

Vandana comes to Dr. Amit’s room and says she wants to spice up their love life. Dr. Amit asks her to go. Vandana says I will see how you will tell again. She plays music and sings Aaj Dikhade mujhe sab karke….she dances sensually…trying to attract him. Dr. Amit pushes her and switched off song. Dr. Amit pushes her and says he is not interested. Vandana says you would have get happy if Nandini do this. She says Nandini’s husband is 22 years old, and says may be she wanted an active husband. Dr. Amit says when you left me, I was sad but now I feel I was wrong. Vandana gets angry on Dr. Amit and thinks he has to pay for the insult. Nandini is in her room and thinks what to do? If I tell Krish that anything can happen to Maa, and if I don’t tell then my house will be ruined. She thinks what to do and cries. She asks Anandi to hold her hand. Karuna tells Krish that she is fine and asks him to go to Nandini. Krish says you are more important to me and asks where is your medicine.

Kundan comes and says I have her medicine. Krish asks Karuna to get well soon. Karuna says I don’t know why you both are worried. I have to make arrangements of muh dikhayi rasam. Kundan says I will do all the arrangements and asks her to take care. Karuna gets happy. Kundan asks Krish to go and convince his wife. Krish hugs him. Kundan gets someone’s call and he goes. Vandana accuses Dr. Amit’s dad for domestic violence and says he has raised his hand on me. Dr. Amit comes and asks what happened? Police comes there. Dr. Amit asks what have you done? Police arrests his dad and takes him. Dr. Amit asks Vandana, what she wants? He says I am ready to do whatever you want, but stop this drama. Vandana says okay, and says I have a condition. You have to give a chance to our relation. Dr. Amit looks on. Nandini thinks about Kundan’s words and gets tensed. She thinks I am trapped and how to tell krish?

Abhayram brings Nandini for muh dikhayi rasam. Neighbors ask Karuna to do aarti. Abhayram/Kundan says he will do and do aarti, lifts ghunghat. Nandini slaps him hard shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Please end the role of kundan…he becomes worst like his father akhiraj…
    Don’t show stupid relations…please wind up kundan role as early as possible… I want to watch social issues,and it’s solutions…and which is surrounded by nandini, resolved by nandini it seems very good..
    Highlate shivam role, don’t drag shivam role like a normal role..because shivam is son of dynamic shiv and intelligent anandi…give same priority to shivam and nandini…
    We need dynamism like shiv in shivam too…

    Wr is badehaveli people..? All are vanished ?

  2. Haha the same Q everyone was asking where is badi habeli ppl.. The answer is coz of this crap serial the good cast have vanished.. Saas sasur ko America bhej diya..baki logo ko maar diya.. And bache much ko gayab kar diya.. Wah super script!! Kya gazab dimag paya hai. Plz dunt use this brain in real life…

  3. This serial is TRASH. I feel bad for the prevoous writers, to see this turned into such crap. Doesn’t Aapka Colours have any sense of quality control?? They are messing up these characters so badly.

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