Balika Vadhu 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamli trying to hurt herself after being informed by Nimboli about her marriage alliance. They stop Kamli. Akhiraj tells you should be thankful to me and I am doing a favor on you. Kamli says she doesn’t need his favor and says she lost Gopal because of him. She refuses to get married to Pushkar or anybody else. Akhiraj is stunned. Harki scolds Nimboli for informing Kamli about her alliance fixation. Kamli stops Harki from beating Nimboli. Akhiraj asks Kamli to hear carefully and asks her not to step out of room. He asks Disa to make sure that Kamli doesn’t go anywhere else….the consequences will be bad. Akhiraj warns Nimboli.

Kundan takes off fan from Kamli’s room and also takes table out. Nimboli asks how will Kamli jiji sleep without a fan. Kundan recalls his

friend’s saying and talks politely with Nimboli. He tells that he is helpless and doing as per Akhiraj’s orders. Disa tells Kamli not to commit suicide as she has to see Gopal getting justice. Kamli looks on.

Mannu is sad. Ganga tells that she did not tell him about Ratan for his betterment. Mannu blames her for hiding about her dad. Jagya says you didn’t do the full matter. He says whatever your mum did was right. You don’t know anything. We have seen how Ratan Singh tried to kill everyone and tortured Ganga. Mannu recalls Ratan Singh’s love for him. He thinks how can he do this. Jagya tries to console him, but Mannu stops his hand. He nods no. Dadisaa says you maasaa told you everything. Mannu says I knew that my Bapusaa loved me and was desperate to stay with me. You have snatched my childhood and my identity. Dadisaa says you took out wrong meaning. Mannu says you are not my Dadisaa. Everyone is stunned.

Ganga asks is this the way to talk to her. Mannu says when Jagya is not my father, then how can she be my grand mum. He asks if you are my real mum or not? Ganga is shocked and shouts Mannu. He says you people tried to make my Bapusaa wrong in my eyes, but I felt love in his eyes. He says my Bapusaa was in the hospital since many days, and was living to see me. He died after meeting me. He says do you have an idea about my pain. I can’t forgive you, never. He goes cryingly. Jagya and Ganga are shocked. Dadisaa says whatever happened is wrong.

Kundan comes to Akhiraj and tells about Nimboli’s words. He says I am afraid that Kamli would take a wrong step hearing Nimboli’s talk. Akhiraj asks him to come with him. He takes Kundan to Kamli’s room and asks him to tie Kamli with a rope. Kundan ties her hands. Disa comes and asks what is happening? Harki comes. Akhiraj says you will know soon. Harki asks what did she do? Akhiraj says I did this so that she doesn’t do anything wrong. Disa is shocked. Kundan ties Harki’s hands too. Akhiraj says you should be with Kamli like a reflection till her marriage. Nimboli looks on tensedly. Akhiraj asks Nimboli to stay away from Kamli else he will kill her this time. He asks her to go. Nimboli thinks Akhiraj will get Kamli married to Pushkar and thinks what to do to stop her marriage.

Nimboli gives the knife to Kamli, hidden in the rice. Kamli cuts her rope and goes to Akhiraj’s room. She says she won’t leave the house without taking revenge and takes out the knife to kill him while he is sleeping.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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