Balika Vadhu 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi teaching karate to students. Some teachers come and tell Anandi that they will give complete support to her. Anandi thanks them. Urmila comes to room and sees it nicely decorated. She gets happy and gives one almond to Nimboli. Nimboli keeps it back in her hand and says she decorated the room all alone. She then comes and eats the almond. Urmila looks on and thinks Nimboli decorated well. She thinks so this is suhaagraat and sits on the bed happily. Kundan comes and closes the door. Urmila wears the ghunghat and sits smilingly. Kundan holds her ghunghat and praises her beauty. Urmila blushes. Kundan says I will make you rani and will keep you on my eye lashes. Urmila smiles. It was just Urmila’s dream. Kundan comes in reality and closes the door. He looks at her with

lust, takes out his turban, and closes the light. Urmila gets scared and shouts. Harki gets up. Akhiraj asks her to sleep, and says our son has become young. Disa hugs Nimboli and thanks God for saving Nimboli. She prays for Urmila too.

Mannu gives tea to Pooja. Pooja says we did a mistake and what will happen if our parents come to know about it. Mannu says so what? He says we left our parents for forever. He tells we didn’t do anything wrong and asks her not to spoil first day of their married life. He asks her to smile. Pooja smiles. Nimboli looks at Urmila’s room and thinks who will help her with kitchen work. Akhiraj asks Harki, if Kundan and Urmila wake up. Harki says no, and asks shall I wake them up. Akhiraj says no, let them rest. Nimboli knocks on the door and asks Urmila to wake up. She hears her cries. She comes to Akhiraj and Harki, and tells them that Urmila is crying badly. Akhiraj scolds her. They hear Urmila’s screams. Akhiraj asks Harki to check. Harki knocks on the door and calls Kundan. Akhiraj too calls Kundan. Kundan opens the door. Everyone is shocked to see his torn clothes with blood marks. They see Urmila sitting at a corner and crying badly. They are shocked.

Harki goes to Urmila and asks what happened? Urmila says she wants to go back to her mum’s house. She cries and says she don’t want to stay here. She says Kundan is very bad and had beaten me. Harki asks why did you slap your new wife? Urmila shows marks on her body and insists to go to her mum’s place. Akhiraj angrily asks Kundan to tell him truth. Urmila says she wants to talk to her dad. Disa comes and looks at Urmila. Nimboli asks why Urmila is crying? Disa says she will be alright. Nimboli says I told her to keep my knife. Disa asks her to go and enter the room. Nimboli tries to look in the room.

Jagya shows the photo and tells that they got married. Anandi says she has always opposed child marriage, but couldn’t save their children. They come to Akhiraj’s house insearch if Nimboli. Disa is shocked to see Anandi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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