Balika Vadhu 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kundan asking Harki if she met Akhiraj. She says yes. Kundan says ok and asks her to give money. Harki gives him 50 Rs. Kundan says Akhiraj used to give him 50 Rs in his childhood and asks her to give more money. Harki says I have stolen it from Kamli’s purse. Kundan asks her to do big stealing and also don’t show him less money. They turn and see Kamli standing. Kamli asks why did you steal from my purse. Harki says she needed money and is about to tell about Akhiraj, but stops. Kamli says you went to give money to Akhiraj and asks her to tell. Harki says she won’t tell her anything, and tries to confuse her saying I don’t remember anything as you stopped feeding me almonds. She asks her to enquire herself. Kamli says your intelligence and shame is dead. She takes

the money from Kundan’s hands. Kundan tells Harki that Akhiraj should kill Kamli first before Nimboli and others.

Nidhi teases Anant taking Anandi’s name and says he should have chaat with Anandi again. Anant gets shy. He recalls spending time with Anandi. Nidhi asks why he is smiling without any reason, and asks if he is in love with Anandi. Anant asks if her mind is okay? Nidhi says I am your daughter and understands your heart talk. She says it is shown in your eyes and it doesn’t matter if you agree or not.

Akhiraj and Badri come to a moneylender shop and says my wife came to keep jewellery with you, but you had insulted her. Moneylender says your wife insulted me and came with fake jewellery. Akhiraj says so what, you would have given money to her for fake jewellery. He asks Badri to take everything from his locker, and warns the Moneylender not to inform Police else he will kill him. They flee from there and come to buy silencer pistol. The man asks if the money is real. Akhiraj says yes and buys the silencer pistol. He looks at it and says even God can’t save my enemies now from me. He says MLA Jagya, Anandi, Mangla and Nimboli will die.

Jagya talks to someone and says he will reach there in sometime. He calls Anandi and thinks why she isn’t picking the call. Anant thinks about Nidhi’s words and smiles. Just then Anandi comes and says hello. Anant asks you? Anandi says yes…Anant says I was day dreaming with open eyes, and haven’t seen you. Anandi says it is very interesting to day dream and asks what he was dreaming? Anant says nothing. Jagya comes out of his cabin and sees Anandi with Anant. He wonders why she didn’t pick the call. He tells her that she has his file and asks her to tell about it. Anandi tells Anant that she shall leave now. Anant looks smiling.

Jagya and Nimboli are searching a blue bag. Nimboli says Dadisaa told me that the bag is kept here. Jagya takes the bag down and it falls on his feet. Nimboli shouts MLA ji. Ganga bandages Jagya’s feet and asks Nimboli not to worry. She says you would have taken servant’s help. Dadisaa pulls his leg. Jagya tells that he found the bag first. Nimboli laughs. Ganga asks him to rest. Jagya says he has to make the arrangement of their annicersary party. Dadisaa says they will do arrangement and asks him to rest. Nimboli asks what is anniversary? Anandi explains that they are celebrating Jagya and Ganga’s marriage anniversary. Dadisaa says we will cut the cake and celebrate, and asks her to see. Nimboli gets excited.

Mangla counts the money and thinks she doesn’t have enough money to buy gifts for Jagya and Ganga. Anandi comes and gives her money, asks her to keep it for her expenses. Mangla refuses. Anandi asks her to keep it for herself or others. Mangla takes the money.

Nimboli and Anandi perform in Jagya and Ganga’s anniversary. Akhiraj and Badri come there, and electricity goes off.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. How many episodes akhiraj will come electricity will goes off.what kind of serial it is?

    1. I agree Ravi. Now we see that Anant has some feelings for Anandi, my guess is there will be some other drama related to this nonsense. Interestingly.. how many times can a person get married? Will Anandi get married again? what if Anant is dead? Would she get married again with some Mr. X?
      What is this Akhiraj track? where is police? is our police department so inefficient? what are they trying to show? wow!!!! I stopped watching this serial long back. I hardly come back on reading these updates.. but when ever I come, all I see is no change in the track except some irrelevant stuff added to it.
      Production team.. we are expecting some good story not the same track going on for years.

  2. Please just get rid of mangla sometimes I just don’t wanna watch because her face is irritating

  3. May be they are trying to get Anandi’s marriage count even with that of Jagya’s 🙂

  4. Forpast one week you are showing thee scene that nimboli is dancing and akhiraj is trying to shoot tand see it tomarrow, What cannot you show the correct see tomorrow

  5. When people stop commenting here and ignore that this serial exists, that’s when the directors r going to realise that they should stop this nonsense.

  6. Watching the serial is long forgotten. Now reading written episodes is waste of time

  7. i enjoy reading the comments more than the serial itself 🙂

  8. I don’t know whywe are watching this BV. and saying that this is not fare & so on, and still we are spending the time with this dragging one. This is the speciality of the DIRECTOR & PRODUCER.

  9. We are addicted to this BALIKAVADHU.

  10. when this going to end. fallowing the comments is more fun the this melodrama 🙂

  11. Ha ha tmr onwards we have to see old age love story.fron past 1 month anandi not serious about nimboli.

  12. Thakur.s.k.singh (Europe)

    The most stupid serial of all time.stupid director and producer as well .i agree other friends comments,uttran was the same like balika vadhu.i made comment on uttran as well.

  13. the episode is half hour long with adverts. every 2 minutes lasting about five minutes with previews showing over and over again getting tired and bored loosing interest.

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