Balika Vadhu 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madhav telling Kundan to kill his enemies, but don’t get caught too. He shares his idea with Kundan. Kundan likes the idea. Later he comes to kitchen and mixes poison in the dal made by Kamli. Kamli brings the dal. Pushkar says I will serve it. He takes the utensil from her hand, but the dal falls from his hand. He cries and asks how we will eat now. Kamli says we will eat roti with sabzi. Kundan thinks to kill them through other means. Nimboli misses Mangla. She thinks everyone might be sleeping now. She checks almari and finds a phone. She recalls and a flashback is shown.

Nimboli tells Mangla that Jagya gifted her phone. She thinks to call Mangla and inform her that she is coming to Jhalra, but then thinks Mangla will stop her from coming alone. She thinks to go Jhalra directly and surprise her, laughs. She comes out of her room and sees Anandi sleeping on chair outside her room. She thinks you should have been good. She comes to the inhouse temple and pray to Devimaa for her safe journey. She says she is going to meet her mum and asks her to help her. She takes the money kept in the aarti plate and says it is for buying ticket.

Akhiraj thinks he had a good time watching the magic show and also that magician helped me saved from the persons. He thinks how to save himself from the hunger, and thinks he can’t steal food everytime. He looks at the coming car and gets an idea.

Dadisaa comes out of her room and sees Anandi sleeping outside. She wakes her up and asks if nimboli opened the door. Anandi says no and calls her. Dadisaa says she might be sleeping and asks her to have food. Anandi says she will have food once Nimboli have food. Dadisaa agrees. Nimboli is walking on the street and buys some stuff from a shop.

Nimboli runs on the road as the goon follow her. She gets scared. Someone comes and holds her. She looks shockingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. The whole episode….

    Kundan TRIES TO kill Mangla by poisioning…
    Nimboli TRIYING TO escape from haveli to go to Jhalra…

  2. i wish kundan kill mangala. she is between anandi ani nimboli. she will never change

  3. directors has no limit to dragging balika vadhu …

  4. Nimboli meets a young girl, Madhura, with a couple. Later, she realises that Madhura is not the couple’s daughter. Meanwhile, Anandi realises that Nimboli hasn’t had food and goes to wake her up.

    Anandi and the family members realise that Nimboli is not at home. Nimboli dozes off and misses her stop at Jhalra. Anandi and Jagya leave the haveli, searching for Nimboli.

    Nimboli is shocked after she finds out that she has already crossed Jhalra. Anandi and Jagya look through the closed-circuit television footage to get information about Nimboli.

    Nimboli speaks to Anandi on the phone. She tries to escape with Madhura but gets trapped. Jagya and Ganga arrive with the cops and manage to save Nimboli and Madhura.

    1. That’s very convincing story…how do you know?

      1. Guys every Monday we can go through the whole week storyline in the times of India website.. No need to waste our time in reading updates ?

      2. Thanks Kavitha…good to know that TimesofIndia saves us from this torture.

  5. Guys this is how the directors have been prolonging this serial. As long as we watch this serial the directors and story writers will write any nonsense and we are so used to watching this serial that we are unknowingly encouraging these directors to dish out such a crappy stuff day after day.
    What is the point in making Akhiraj come alive once again, kundan behaving as yet another Akhiraj…where is the respite. When will mangla realize and unite anandi and Nimboli.

    This serial sucks.

  6. Hope after bringing Nimboli back home Anandi will let her know that Nimboli is Nandini Anandi n Shiv’s daughter n Shivam’s twin sister . Nimboli is feeling insecure in haveli because she don’t know her relationship with Anandi . I think Anandi must inform Shivam before going in search for Nimboli that Nimboli is none other than Nandini her twin sister n I am sure Shivam will support Anandi n behave well with Nimboli when she is back to haveli n this will help Nimboli to live peacefully in haveli.

    1. Except that stupid stony face, Anandi is not going to anything of that sort. She can’t even push the door when Nimboli is in the room. Only circumstances will tell Nimboli that she is Nandini. And that circumstances….god know when will it come…may be next year.

  7. Shobha garrett

    Okay friends! Since last Friday’s episode, all I have done is think about the Kachoris that Akiraj stole. They looked totally yummy!!!!!!!! I will still keep watching this show in the hope that I see
    More delicious food. Seriously I am not about to give up on this show. I love it!
    Need to say again and again. I love the reader reviews.

  8. This is just being stretched out of proportion. The director n the writer are pulling this serial like bubble gum. I wish they made it crisp n to the point. It’s frustrating now.

  9. we dont know when the director wishes to unite
    anandi with her daughter again probably it may take one more year. A silly reason to drag the story for some more time

  10. Make Nandini know who is she!Please!

  11. I totally agree with Anjali, They are streching this show just like buble gum! Pointless, lets hope they sort this issue out and continue with the story, every serial is now being stretched for no reason and the suspenses in these stories are getting old and boring too now – come on directors pull yourselves together!

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