Balika Vadhu 8th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 8th February 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 8th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Saachi coming to meet Saurabh at the restaurant. She says sorry for Anandi’s warning to him. Saurabh says, I can face anything for you. I love you very much. I won’t stop loving you, we are together and will bear everything for you. Saachi says, my heart says this but bhabhi’s words is not going from my mind. She asks him to say clearly what he thinks? Saurabh says, where I will get caring and loving girl and most importantly you love me. Saachi thank him. She says, I was in tension. Saurabh asks her to come to the party. Saachi says, my family won’t allow me at night. Saurabh says, I will cancel my plan then, I can’t go alone. Saachi says, I will come surely. Saurabh thank her and says today evening will be very rememorable for us. Dadisaa tells Bhairov

about Collector’s truth. Bhairov says, if Collector is doing the wrong thing then he will not any stone unturned. It will be difficult to prove him wrong. Dadisaa says, we can’t keep quiet, it is my Anandi’s dream. I won’t stay back.

Panchayat Sarpanch tells everyone that Collector is bribed and surely got money for the chemical factory. They decides to do something. Dadisaa says, we have to fight for sure. We will take the help of law. We can trust on law. Bhairov says, we talked to the lawyer and he assured that he will stop the factory work. We will fight against the Collector.

Anandi is preparing vegetable dish. Ira tells her that Saachi went to Payal’s house for Pyjama Party. Anandi is alarmed. Ira tells her about Pyjama Party. Anandi worries about Saachi. She thinks, how can she go to Payal’s house when she is not on talking terms with her. Ira tells her that she left half an hour before. Anandi calls Saachi but she didn’t pick the call.

Saurabh and Saachi come to the party. Saachi asks about Ankita. Some guy says, she might be reaching soon. Saachi picks Anandi’s call. Anandi asks, where are you? Did you went to Payal’s place. Saachi says, why? Saurabh calls Saachi. Anandi hears his voice and asks, what he is doing at girl’s party. Saachi jokes with her. Anandi says, that guy is not good. She asks her to come home. Saachi insults her and says she won’t hear a word against Saurabh. She disconnects the call.

She tells Saurabh that Anandi bhabhi called her and absorbed her blood with her words. Saurabh goes to get drink for her. Anandi calls Payal and enquires about Saachi. Payal says, she didn’t come here. Anandi asks her to come with her. Payal agrees.

Saachi feels bad about Anandi’s saying. Saurabh asks her to chill. Saachi agrees. Saurabh asks her to drink. Saachi says, after the dance. Saurabh and Saachi dance on the song Aaj Dil Bhi Hai Paani Paani Saani Saani….Anandi tells Shiv that she is going to find Saachi. Shiv asks her to take Saachi and come home. She picks Payal and goes in the car. Saurabh is dancing with Saachi and getting close to her…Payal sees Ankita going from her house in her car. Anandi asks the driver to follow the car. Saachi thanks him for the party. Saurabh says, I will get a drink for you. He mixes some tablet in her drink. Saachi drinks the drink. Anandi’s car loses the track of Ankita’s car. Saurabh holds Saachi’s hand. Saachi feels drowsiness and starts dancing. His friends look at them.

Saurabh takes Saachi to the room and pushes her on the bed, while Saanchi is unconscious. He starts the video recorder. Anandi comes to the party venue with Payal and enquires about Saachi. Shiv reaches the place.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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