Balika Vadhu 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 8th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Basant asks jagiya not to apologize for not being able to giev his time to him and gehna as hge understands he has been preoccupied wih ganga’s case. he asks about ganga and is told that she’s stable for now. jagiya asks them to come tomorrow, he says thta he would. Just then dadisa approaches basant and demands to talk to jagiya. She tells him that he has to take care of himself in the wake of taking care of ganga too. to basant’s surprise, dadisa says that she too would comew tomorrow with them, to see ganga nd take care of him too. jagiya says okay and asks her to go to sleep.

Scene 2:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
While anandi is sleeping, shiv arranges the sheets to make her cozy and comfortable and takes

his sleeping necessities and sleeps on the couch.

The next morning, Meenu, while putting anandi’s clothes on the bed, notices her and shiv’s sleeping arrangements. she remembers how anandi had fumbled when asked about shiv’s wound scar that she definitely must have seen. She thinks if they sleep seperately. She thinks of an idea to find that out. She goes out to get shiv tea. After talking about routine topics and knwoing about ganga and the recent developments on her case, she deliberately asks shiv, sitting with him in the garden if the rash on anandi’s back is now ok. To give an answer, shiv pretends to know about it and says that its much better now. Meenu is surprised. Just then, anandi comes and meenu asks the same for her. Shiv tries to talk about the rash, giving anandi a hint to give a suitable answer. She says that shiv had put on a wonderful cream, and she’s better now. When meenu, after complimenting shiv, asks what cream did he apply, shiv and anandi give the names of different creams due to which they are rendered embarassed in front of meenu, who understands what going on. Shiv diverts their attention by asking anandi to get ready and lthey both leave in haste. After they are gone, meenu thinks to herself that there’s definitely something wrong between shiv and anandi which just got proved.

Scene 3:
Location: Jaitsar Hospital
Dadisa along qwith bhairo, basant and gehna arrive in ganga’s ward. She sends off basant and gehna to get tests done, but stops jagiya when he tries to go with them, saying that he needs to take care of himself and eat first. Basant agrees and says that they would start the tests with lal singh, while he eats.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Shiv, finding anandi disturbed, tries to joke about meenu’s behaviour, saying that now they should have a code word for dealing with such situations. Anandi says not to take it lightly and scold her instead wen she is hurting the whole famiyl and espeacially him, by doing what she isnt even sure of, and lying to the family and making him lie too. He says that she shouldnt bother herself over it, and that such small lies dont make a difference in the family. anandi gets down the van saying that

Scene 5:
Location: Jaitsar Hopital
Lal Signh tries to tell them that the tests have been done and that once the results come in, they would be able to make a concrete descision. He instructs them to take care as they might have hormonal swings due to the hormone injections, and that they would have to conttrol themselves. Basant asks if there’s any life risk for gehna in this, lal singh denies that. he tells them not to lose hope if they dont conceive this the first time, since it is a possibility and that they shouldnt tell anyone in the house till they have a confirmed news.

In the lounge, bhairo is discussing about ganga’s courage in all of this. jagiya says that whenever he thinks of Ratan doing this to her, he thinks of giving him every punishment possible. but he says then he thinks that he doesnt have the right to blame Ratan, since he too had travelled in the same boat one day. he says that he had also used anandi in every possible manner for her goodness. He had taken away every right of anandi as a mother and as a wife, from her, whereas ratan had only taken away ganga’s son from her. Jagiya says in remorse, that what ratan has done for ganga, is very similar to what he did to anandi. Anandi hears to all this in the doorway, getting emotional. Dadisa says that she also is to be blamed for all this since she always tried to turn a blind eye to every mistake of his, when she should have tried to rectify them. bhairo asks her not to beat herself about it, since she is the one who conforted anandi in hard times, and brought a smile on her face by getting her married to shiv, and bringing happiness back into her life.

Dadisa asks how many more days would she be here. Jagiya, saying that she would be okay in a few days but wonders where would she go after being discharged, since ganga has nowhere to go. He is scared that people might try to hurt her, or that she would want to run to her son, the first thing when she gets better. Anandi says, from the door that she would take ganga to stay with her in her house. Jagiya is surprised to hear this. dadisa says that she understands her pain, but anandi has just got married and also staying with meenu and sanchi, and that she should do anything without consulting them. Bhairo too agrees saying that she has to think of them now before taking a descision. And shiv, as it is is taking care of the investigation for ganga’s case. Anandi asks where would she go then. dadisa says that she would stay with them in the haveli. jagiya expresses gratitude to her. the screen freezes on anandi’s tensed face.

Underlying message: Any injustice in life, keeps wrenching the heart, till they dont do something good in someone’s else’s life, which makes them alleviate their pain of guilt.

Precap: shiv and jagiya decide that they would ganga’s son back to her. ganga too volunteers to go with them. as they reach ratan’s haveli, ganga finding her son on the front door, crying in a villager’s arms, runs towards him. Ratan sees this and closes the door on her face. shiv and jagiya think of a plan, to do something while ganga keeps shouting at his door, asking for permission to come inside and take her son.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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