Balika Vadhu 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anant checking Nimboli and instructing her about the dos. Mangla asks her to rest. Dadisaa says until when she will rest and says she has thought something. The guard gives water to Kundan. Kundan says he drank lassi outside and brought few bottles home. He asks them to drink, but they refuse. Kundan insists. They fall prey and drink lassi without knowing that he have added something in it. Kundan recalls adding something in the bottles. All the guards fall down. Kundan thinks they will not wake up now and will be unconscious, so time has time to deal with my sister. I will rule in this house now. Dadisaa talks to Nimboli and asks her to play game. Nimboli says no one can make me lose in snake and ladder game. Mannu and Abhi come and play the game with her. Anandi smiles while

Mangla makes faces. Dadisaa tells Anandi that Nimboli’s mind will be diverted and she will play happily. Nimboli tells Mannu and Abhi that they will lose. She wins the game and claps happily. This doesn’t go well with Mangla, and thinks Nimboli is getting closer to the family. She thinks to do something on her own without taking anyone’s help and says Nimboli has to support me.

Kundan makes Pushkar dance on a female version song. Kamli comes angrily and asks what you are doing? Have you gone mad? Kundan says I was just enjoying and asks her to give something for him to eat. Kamli refuses. Kundan threatens to beat her if she didn’t serve him food. Kamli calls the guards. Chagani says they got unconscious. Kamli says it is all your work done. Kundan is about to slap her, but Pushkar holds Kundan’s hand stopping him. Kundan asks him to leave hand. Pushkar says no one can raise hand on my Kamli. Harki comes and asks Pushkar to leave Kundan’s hand. Pushkar is still angry. Kamli says shall I slap you. Harki warns her. Kamli says I will not touch him and says don’t know what he will become in future. She asks Pushkar to leave Kundan. Kamli warns Kundan to be in limits else he will not be happy. Kundan is shocked. Harki calms her down. Kamli takes Pushkar from there. Kundan says you can’t be happy.

Akhiraj is in jail and thinks about Kundan. He tells Badri that this is not the right time to take revenge from enemies. Badri says your son will become a man and no one can stop his boiling blood. He says let him do what he wants to do. Akhiraj says enemies are much. Badri tells about someone who will help Kundan. Akhiraj gets happy.

Nimboli wakes up in the morning and sees Anandi sleeping there. She thinks Anandi was at her side all night for her and smiles. Anandi wakes up and asks why did you wake up. Nimboli says I am fine and asks why did you tie your pallu with mine. Anandi says so that I could know that you are awake. Nimboli says she wants to talk to Dadisaa.

Harki thinks Kundan will be happy as she is taking snacks and sweets for Kundan from the home expenses money. A man comes and says he is a servant of Pushkar’s Chacha. He gives call to her and he asks her to do some work. He says he will help Akhiraj get out of jail. Harki gets happy. Pushkar’s Chacha promises her. Harki agrees to sent them to Sanchodi, and gives him idea to do something to call them. She says Kamli is very attached to her inlaws home. She says once Kamli reaches Sanchodi, Pushkar will follow her. Pushkar’s Chacha thanks her. Harki is happy.

Anant asks Nimboli to go to school. Nimboli decides to go to school. Mangla thinks she can’t let this happen. Nimboli faints just before leaving for school. Kamli and Pushkar come to their home. Pushkar gets kidnapped. Kamli is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Super fast update …. Wow

  2. Seriously? Pushkar is kidnapped! why do these directors beat around the bush so much? they should just stick to the story or end the serial. I mean ( who cares if it ends awkwardly, atleast we are done for with this crap never – ending serial)

  3. Really dragging n boring. Plz close it.

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