Balika Vadhu 8th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 8th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nidhi’s dad Anant thinking about his visit to Shiv Niketan. Just then he gets Anandi’s call informing him that Nidhi left for home. Anant thanks her. Anandi says they take care of every child in Shiv Niketan, and asks him to take care of Nidhi. Anant thanks her again. After disconnecting the call, Anant thinks he vent out his anger on Anandi without knowing anything.

Nimboli comes to school, and asks why we will study in temple. Kishore comes and tells her that until the school is build, they will study in temple. He welcomes all the kids and asks for their introduction. All the kids introduce themselves. Kishore says let’s start learning and asks did they bring note books. Everyone shows their note books. Nimboli looks sad. Kishore asks why

she is sad? Nimboli tells him that she just have pencil. Kishore gives her note book. Nimboli sits down to study.

Harki thinks she will die after doing so much work. Urmila comes and asks Harki where to keep her dirty clothes. Harki says Nimboli went to school so she have to wash her own clothes. Urmila says am I servant to wash dirty clothes? She makes an issue while Harki turns deaf ear. Urmila cries and blames her destiny. She asks why did you sent Nimboli to school? She cries fakely. Harki asks why can’t you work for a day. Urmila refuses to do any house work and makes an issue. Chagani comes and offers to wash her clothes. Urmila gives her dirty clothes to Chagani. Harki thinks you are not doing right, and I won’t let you become my sasumaa.

Kishore teaches in the temple on the black board. He starts with baraghadi. All the students write in their note books except Nimboli. Kishore asks where is her concentration? Nimboli nods no. Kishore asks her to concentrate. Nimboli thinks why there is rules here also. One boy gives laddo to a girl. She opens it hesitantly and shouts seeing punching toy. Nimboli smiles. Kishore asks them to concentrate. Nimboli thinks of an idea.

Mannu sees Abhi and Jagya playing video game and smiles. Jagya sees him and asks to come there. Abhi asks him to play a game with Jagya. Jagya insists him to play. Mannu sits down and plays. Abhi supports both of them. Abhi says he is confused. Jagya is losing the game. Mannu loses intentionally. Jagya gets happy. Mannu congrats him. Abhi asks Mannu to play with him. Jagya says he will play with Mannu once, and asks him not to lose intentionally. Ganga brings pakodas. They eat it happily and say it is tasty. Mannu and Jagya play the video game. Ganga looks happily.

Nimboli comes home and calls Disa. Disa asks how was your first day at school. Nimboli tells her that Master ji gave her note book and taught baraghadi. She says she got home work too. Disa asks did you befriend with anyone. Nimboli tells that she befriended with everyone and asks her to eat peda given by her friend. Disa refuses. Nimboli insists. Disa opens the box and shouts seeing the punching toy. Nimboli laughs. Disa scolds her. She scares Chagani also. She sees Urmila and hides the box. Urmila asks her to come and asks what you are hiding? She asks what is in this box. Nimboli asks her not to open and shouts seeing the punching toy. Nimboli laughs and says it is to scare someone. Urmila vows to teach her a lesson and is irked.

Nimboli is trying to trying to get the fallen clothes from the balcony. Urmila comes there and sees her bend to get the cloth. She thinks now Nimboli will know what is laugh means. I shall see how she laughs now.

Urmila scares Nimboli by wearing a mask. Nimboli falls off from balcony and shouts for help.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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