Balika Vadhu 7th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 7th October 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 7th October 2013 Written Update

Ganga is putting plates on the dining table. Jagya comes and gifts her something. He nods her to open it. Ganga opens it and it’s her wedding outfit. She says, how can we marry by hurting so many people? without elders blessings? Jagya says, I told you yesterday that for me.. we are married, but I want to marry properly with all the rituals. About blessings, we have got blessings from bapusa. Just like him, very soon others will accept us as well. I know my family and that is why I am saying this. You trust me, right? Ganga nods her head to say yes. Jagya says, so then go and get ready. Ganga says, but Lal Singh bhaisa has gone out.. how can we marry without him? Lal’s wife comes and says she just talked with him, and he also wants them to get married today. Ganga goes to get ready.


is crying and telling her friends how Jagya filled Ganga’s maang, and didn’t even give her any chance to say anything. Some of her friends suggest Sanchi to forget Jagya and she will find a better life partner. One of Sanchi’s friends, Ankita, says that she doesn’t need to accept her defeat and sit quiet like this. She has to do anything to win Jagya back, by hook or by crook. One friend says, but he got married already. Ankita says, he hasn’t got married.. he just filled maang.. and if Sanchi wants, she can still stop him. Another friend says, there is no point forcing him.. he said himself that he doesn’t love Sanchi and loves Ganga… so then whether he filled maang or got married.. why all that would matter. It’s good that we found his truth before marriage, else Sanchi would be hurt so much after the marriage. Ankita doesn’t stop and says, she is still in pain.. and keeps telling Sanchi that she deserves whats hers. She made so many efforts and all that.

Other side, Jagya and Ganga come to mandir as groom and bride. Mannu, Kaka, Lal’s wife are present there.

Ankita continues that someone must have misguided Jagya, else how can he leave girl like Sanchi and go to someone gawar like Ganga.

Meanwhile, Jagya and Ganga’s marriage continues. They are taking pheres now.

One of Sanchi’s friends receives ac all from her mother and she leaves. With her, all her other friends leave too, except Ankita. Ankita again tells Sanchi that she doesn’t need to accept her defeat.. Jagdish is her.. and she should go and get him. She gives her a hug and leaves. Sanchi is recalling her friends’ words.

Jagya’s family is heading to the mandir. Jagya-Ganga’s pheres continue.

Sanchi is looking at Jagya’s photo and says, everything was going so nicely.. if everything was like that, then today instead of crying and remembering you, I would be busy with marriage preparations. But that Ganga spoiled everything.

Back to mandir, Jagya and Ganga are still taking the pheres. Jagya turns and sees Bhairo and other family members coming there. Sumi and Dadisa are shocked. Jagya and Ganga look at them. read full update with pictures only at Jagya remembers him telling Bhairo that they will get married tomorrow, but none of his family member will be there to give them blessings. He understands that Bhairo brought all his family members to the mandir. All Singhs are slowly slowly going close to Jagya and Ganga. Nandu seems happy.

Sanchi is angry and says, i had doubt on that Ganga from the start, but still I didn’t do anything. I saw how she was trying to get closer to Jagya. She remembers hospital scene when Ganga was taking care Jagya there, and then other scenes where Jagya was praising Ganga. She screams, no.. Jagdish can’t become yours, Ganga. He filled your maang, but he will take pheres with me only. She gets up and opens her cupboard. A knife falls down. She picks it up and looks at it.

Nandu says, wah.. Ganga didi and Jagdish bhaisa are getting married. He goes to Mannu and shakes his hand with him. Pheres continue.. Suddenly, Sumi screams, stop Jagya! Jagya and Ganga stop and they look at her.

Sumi goes toward them. She tries to open their knot, but Bhairo comes and asks Sumitra to stop. Sumi is shocked!! Bhairo continues, don’t interfere in auspicious work.. let this marriage happen. Sumi and Dadisa are shocked!! Bhairo takes Sumi’s hand back, and tells the priest to continue. The priest says, it will be last phera now. Jagya and Ganga start taking their last phere. Sumi seems very angry. Bhairo holds her hand so she can’t do anything.

Sanchi opens her room and checks whether anyone is around. She then looks at J’s tattoo on her wrist. She says, I know you took revenge because what I said to my friends.. now I will also take revenge.. but a sweet one.. you will have to come back to me. You just saw my love till now, now you will see my junoon (craziness).. which will make you marry me. She looks at her wriest again and says, I have no interest at all in taking my own life. so I won’t do anything by which my life will be in anger. I just want to scare you, scare you that much so you can never think to leave me again. Yes, it will hurt me a little, some blood will flow… but I am sure, you will come running to me. I can do anything to bring you back in my life. She throws some stuff down, and then cuts her wrist. She says, I love you Jagdish.. you’re only mine. Screen splits between Sanchi’s face and Jagya-Ganga’s faces.

Voiceover: A person with good intentions reaches to his/her goal in any circumstance. Whereas, a selfish person just creates more problems.

Precap: The priest announces that wedding is completed now. Jagya and Ganga are husband-wife from today. Jagya and Ganga bend down to take blessings from Dadisa, but she steps back. They then bend down to Bhairo.. and seeing him giving blessings to them, everyone is shocked.
Anandi finds Sanchi on the ground. She calls everyone there and all Shekhars are shocked and worried.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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