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Balika Vadhu 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Daddu dividing his property amongst his sons. They get shocked. Alok asks how can you think like this. I would not have given you a chance to do the partition. We can’t handle this. Meenu asks, have we done a mistake. We don’t need anything. Shiv says how can you decide alone. Why you are saying this. Anandi says I can say surely that no one wants partition. Daddu says but I wants and asks them not to argue. He asks them to go as he needs rest. Everyone cries while Anoop looks remorseful. Anandi senses something is wrong. She talks to Shiv and says nobody knows about his decision. Shiv says yes.

Anandi says we have to find a reason for Daddu’s decision. Alok comes and says he knows the reason. He tells that Daddu is tensed about Anoop and his

differences. He tried to resolve the differences but failed. Ira says he feels this is happening because of him. Alok says it shouldn’t have happened. I will refuse to have my share. He requests Shiv to make Anoop understand. Shiv asks him to relax and assures to talk to Anoop. Alok asks Anandi to go with Shiv. Anandi nods.

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Gehna waits for Nandu. He comes and says he went to say good bye to Niranjan chachu. He says Niranjan promises to stay with them. She asks him to sleep. She recalls Nandu’s bonding with Niranjan and gets sad. She tells Basant that she can spend her rest of life with his memories, but whether it will be right to hope the same from kids. She says kids needs father’s love. They will not get father’s love until she accepts Niranjan as her husband. She says how to come out of this dilemma. Dadisaa talks to Basant’s pic and says she saw love and respect in Nandu’s eyes for Niranjan which he had for him. She says I have full faith that only Niranjan can take your place. She continues that Gehna isn’t ready to agree.

Gehna comes there and says you all believe that Niranjan is a good man. I wants to believe on your faith. I too feel that Niranjan will fulfill the duty of a father in my kids’ life, but my soul and heart doesn’t permit me to accept someone else. This will be an insult to the seven vows which I had taken with my husband. Dadisaa hears carefully.

Dadisaa makes her sit on the bed and tells that you didn’t take that seven vows alone. Basant took that seven vows as well, but he couldn’t fulfill it. I can feel my son’s pain. She tells her that Basant won’t come back and just wants to see her happiness. She says if you agrees to marry then Basant will be at peace and happy. She asks her to accept Niranjan as her life partner, thinking about kids’ future. She asks her to accept Niranjan as her husband and her kids’ father. Gehna cries. Dadisaa asks will you marry for my Basant. Gehna nods in a yes and cries.

Anoop tells Subhadra that he is very happy thinking Daddu agreed to give him share to solve his problems, but he is feeling really bad hurting Daddu’s heart. He says I can feel his pain and the way he looked at me. I couldn’t look at him. If anything happens to him then……Subhadra thinks to be careful. She tells Anoop that Bhaiyya would be hurt. I am hurt too. I accept that you don’t want this, but you are helpless. Don’t blame yourself. She tells him Daddu will be happy once he gets successful and will tell the world that he is my son Anoop. You have to be strong. Anoop says you are right. I have to become a winner.

Jagya informs Niranjan that Gehna agreed to marry him and they all are very happy. Niranjan says he is really happy. Nandu hears it and cries saying Maa’s marriage with Niranjan Chachu. How it can happen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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