Balika Vadhu 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 7th May 2013 Written Update

Anandi and Shiv enter their house boat which is very beautiful. Anandi is very pleased and happy. She then asks Shiv that it must be very expensive to stay in such houseboats. Shiv gently tells her that its her happiness that matter and he loves to see her happy.

Anandi then notices a beautiful idol of Krishna. Abdul guide, who was somewhere in the houseboat explains that the owner of that houseboat Mr. Jahangir loves to keep his guests happy. Even though he is a Muslim himself, he respects all his guests’ religion. Anandi impressed at the thought.

Abdul continues with his bickering but finally he realises that he needs to give time to the couple and helps himself outside.

In their beautifully decorated room, Shiv gets romantic and hugs Anandi from behind. They both look at

the dresses Anandi bought before leaving. A asks if he likes the dress and S says he loves her for what she is, and she looks just as adorable in any outfit. A is happy but questions why he suggest Choti maa to buy new dresses, to which S replies that he thought she might like some change. Shiv is lost in romance while A sends him to freshen up.

Ds calls Anandi and she was pleasantly happy to receive the call. A asks Ds to guess where she might be at this time and Dd guesses it right. Ds then tells the curious A that it was J who broke the news. Ds says she also wants to give Anandi a surprise and then discloses about Gehna’s pregnancy. A is really happy to hear the news. Ds wishes for a girl this time.

Anandi excitedly shares the news with Shiv and in her excitement she blurts that everyone should have two kids and goes on about it. Shiv then smartly asks her, ‘ how about if we think of our first baby first’ Anandi is dumbfounded.

At KB, Jagya is examining Daddu and says he has high BP and prescribes medicines. J tells all not to worry, but says that they can’t take his health lightly . Daddu regains consciousness and admits that he hadn’t had his medicines from the last 2 days. Daddu says A gives him medicines without fail. Saanchi says now she will take responsibility and also tells Daddu to thank J for his help. Shekhars thank J.

At Kashmir:
In their room, A comes in front of Shiv dressed in nice pink and golden anarkali styled Salwar suit with light jewelry. Shiv is totally dumbfounded on seeing her. She looks pretty. He takes her in front of the mirror and romantically asks her, who does she see there? Anandi or a fairy? Episode ends.

Voice over: A combination of Inner beauty, privacy and the desire to become one brings lots of happiness in one’s eyes and that the heart & life are filled with happiness.

Precap : same as yesterday.

Update Credit to: Missesha

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