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Balika Vadhu 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 7th March 2014 Written Update

BH :-

J sheds tears and remembers the Dr.’s words , Sumi places her hand on his shoulder , J sadly tells that being a Dr he always tells his patient not to worry , everything will be fine but now i feel the pain they go through .

Sumi tries assuring him that M will be alright soon and asks J M’s treatment starting , J tells it will start soon but i cant say whether the medicines will work or not .

Sumi worriedly asks that even the medicine cant work ? J tells then it will be chemotherapy which can help them but if it doesn’t work means then we have to watch M’s condition worsening helplessly .

Sumi cries and tells that M will be alright and when all the ways are blocked , god shows an other way . Sumi – J hug console each other by

hugging .

JaGan room :-

Gehna tries G to eat the food , G tells that now she wont be able to swallow it , she will have to later . Gehna tells to have at least a bit .

Sumi explains G that even they are equally sad for M but she have to take care of herself for Abhi . She tells that a mother loves all her children equally for which she should maintain her health .

She have to be strong to save one child and to raise the other . G hesitatingly eats with Sumi and Gehna giving a sad smile .

Outside :-

Avanti is crying , A , Sanchi and rest of ladies come there , Avanti tells that her in laws are torturing her for bringing dowry since 2 years , they abuse her mentally and physically . After her girl child took birth , her life became worse than before .

They are even asking for dowry in lakhs . Now today they expelled her out of the house and now they are going to get an other DIL for the house . A firmly concludes that she will have to talk with those people and change their mindset .

Avanti tells her that A doesn’t know about those cruel people , A tells that even those people don’t know about her !

KB , living room :-

Sanchi praises A’s way of tackling people and her nature to mingle easily with all , she also reveals that she had joined the NGO and shows her ID card .

She goes to freshen up , A , Ira and CM are glad about the change in Sanchi’s attitude and mindset .

KB , kitchen & DS room :-
A tries to recall a recipe and decides to ask DS about it , she picks up her cell to dial DS . DS who is overcome with grief is interfered by A’s call .

A asks about everyone’s doing in the BH , DS gloomily tells that everything is alright but A doesn’t believe and tells her to speak up the truth .

DS discloses that M is suffering from blood cancer in such a young age , A is shocked and wonders how can he acquire it in this age ?

A asks about G’s condition , DS tells she is very sad but we consoled her to stand strong for her 2 kids . A tells that she will talk to G later .
DS requests A to pray for M and G and they hang the call .

BH , night :-

At the dining table J tells that they have to go Jaipur for M’s treatment , DS tells but the Dr.’s can come here as well , J tells they are ready to come but we don’t have advanced equipments for the treatment .

J goes from the dining table , DS tells that M wont be going anywhere , the Dr.’s and machines will be installed in their hospital and M will be treated in front of her eyes .

DS without a second thought gives the responsibility to Bhairon and Basant and also tells them to make the amount ready for treatment and other things .

J is touched by this and hugs DS , he tells her that he is touched by seeing her care towards M , she didn’t thought about the huge amount required.

DS wisely tells that one doesn’t care for money over one’s family , she wont leave any stone unturned for M’s treatment and even god will support her in this . She tells em to have the dinner .

JaGan room & KB corner :-

G tells J that M cried a lot when i made him have the medicine , J tells that the Dr prescribed him to give it to M at night . G still objects it .

J angrily tells her to shut and don’t discourage him further as he is already broken and worried .

A calls G who lifts it , A tells that she came to know about M’s condition , she encourages her that she had always been a strong girl and achieved a well position in life .

She tells G to have faith in J and also tells her that DS will always support her in her trauma , G remembers giving the promise to DS that she will stand wrong .

A asks G if J is nearby , G gives the cell to J , A tells that he can always contact her and Shiv if they need any sort of help possible for them , the call ends .

J apologizes to G for his insolent talk , he tells that he shouldn’t have done that , G tells he need not ask for forgiveness from her as she as a nurse should understand that medicines always heal even if they taste bitter.

VO :- When a person is gripped with the fear of loosing his/her loved ones , negative thoughts develop in the mind , but we have to convert it in to positive thoughts for new ray of hope .

Precap :- Outside Avanti’s house :- Avanti’s MIL and FIL are mad at Avanti for attempting to come back that too with lady troop , MIL is about to slap Avanti but A stops hand . A like a tigress prowls that if they violate a woman’s right , next time this lady troop will arrive with law as well !

Update Credit to: nightqueen

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