Balika Vadhu 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhayram asking Nandini to come with him. Nandini comes out and sits in car. Abhayram touches her on the pretext of fastening the seat belt. Nandini brushes off his hand. He asks if she felt current, and says he was just helping her. Karuna is working in the house. Her friends asks where is her bahu? Karuna says Nandini went for pagphera ritual and asks them to give shagun during muh dikhayi rasam. She says Abhayram went to bring her. Friends are shocked and says few things should be done by husband only and tells about that Abhayram was looking more happy than Krish. They say that Nandini is elder than Krish and can attract Abhayram also. Karuna gets angry and asks them to leave. They warn her and leaves.

Abhayram plays a song on the radio. Nandini switches it off. Abhayram

asks why she is shying as if she is a balika vadhu and taunts her. Nandini asks don’t get feel shame to talk to your bahu like this. Abhayram says I am your sasur and will behave as I like. Nandini comes inside house and goes to her room crying. Karuna asks what happened to her and is about to go to her room, but Abhayram stops and asks her to bring the stuff from outside. She goes. Abhayram locks the door. He calls Nandini and says I am your husband Kundan. He says you takes care of me very well even after 15 years and says now it is my turn.

Nandini asks what do you want? Abhayram says you know well what do I want. I told you 15 years ago, and asks her to come when to take his right. Nandini says I am not a child anymore and asks him to come infront of her. Abhayram enters her room and asks her to turn and look at him. Nandini is shocked to see him there. Abhayram/Kundan drinks wine. Nandini sees him shockingly and recalls how he had tortured her in childhood. He keeps wine bottle on the table and goes near her. Nandini is in shock. Kundan says you called me and I came. I gave fulfilled husband’s duty, now it is your duty to fulfilled wife’s duty, see the flowerly bed, don’t leave it thirsty. Nandini is shocked and shouts Krish. Abhayram says it is my turn before Krish to have suhaag raat. Nandini is shocked.

Kundan says where you will go as this is your house. He says I will complete the marriage which was left incomplete 15 years ago. He says I have decorated this room for you. He says marriage was completed, but I will do bhog today. Nandini says don’t you feel shame talking like this. I am your bahu. Karuna takes out gifts from the car. Krish comes and asks her to take Nandini’s help. Nandini asks him to leave her. Kundan says I have trapped you so wisely then every way will take you to me. Nandini shouts Krish…and mom. He asks her not to shout and pushes her on bed. He says nobody will save you today. Nandini asks have you gone mad? Kundan says yes, I am after staying in jail. Karuna falls and twists her leg. Krish bends down and checks her leg. Kundan says he will make her 15 seconds like 15 years. Nandini says it was a mistake and their marriage is called off by law. Kundan says no, and says he has not broken his marriage with her. Nandini pushes him and is about to go, but he holds her pallu making Anandi’s asthi pot and her pic box falls down.

Some ladies gather for muh dikhayi rasam. Abhayram brings Nandini downstairs. Neighbor asks Karuna to do aarti. Karuna is in pain as her leg sprains. Kundan says I will do aarti and lifts Nandini’s ghunghat. He stares her. Nandini gets up and slaps him hard shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Yuck…such a jerk??????
    Disgusting… Daughter in law is slapping her father in law/Ex wife is slapping her ex husband
    And Kundan uncovered Nandini
    Shame on u shame on u…just stop this crap…it’s being a disease day by dy…
    This is not the balika badhu
    worst show ever…jerk

  2. This is crossing all its limits… stop this nonsense show… just disgusting

  3. i agree with you totally this is bringing shame to our country and supporting child marriage which is against the low. This is totally wrong and over the limits. What are the writers trying to show us or portray to us? that women are objects to be thrown around here and there back and forth? Would they give a character like that to a male Lead?

    1. Its not supporting child marriage… rather its showing an EX HUSBAND CAN BECOME FATHER IN LAW OF D SAME WOMAN WHO HE WAS MARRIED TO IN CHILDHOOD N DAT KAW DECLARES ILLEGAL.. but d man refuses to agree upon d law… severity of it is kundan claiming nandini still as his wife n trying to have marital relation n ecteme is d LANGUAGE SPOKEN… Father in law in Indian relation is a prestigious one n holds a place of father… n the writers are JUST GOING AGAINST INDIAN LAW VALUES TRADITIONS N RELATIONSHIPS… WHAT A DIRTY IMPACT ITS PUTTING ON THE MINDS OF OUR CHILDREN N STILL WE ARE JUST CALMLY SITTING N COMMENTING DATS IT…

      1. Not kaw its LAW

  4. I agree with you guys…

    Really this is worst..may be directors extreme thinking becomes flop and worst too….

    This much crazy story line and direction I never seen…viewers opposite current dragging and stupidity..

    This is not a good way show us…I.e female lead role…

    If anandi is there…current worst story line never happens.
    What a dynamic anandi but representing nandini now is poor, helpless..

    Please give some refreshment and happiness to current dragging…otherwise quit the balika vadhu..don’t blame or disturb previous balika vadhu good name..

  5. How does kundan have a son older than nandini.

    1. Krish is kundan’s step son n SEVEN YEARS YOUNGER TO NANDINI….

  6. Worst worst worst worst please stop it …..

  7. Disgusting…. does it also happen in India that older girls could marry younger men? Thought this only happens in Europe. Who can be considered Lord at this stage? Wife or the hub?

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