Balika Vadhu 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimboli telling that she has to leave as Maasa would be waiting. Mannu says I heard this name before. Nimboli says it means there are many Nimboli, and laughs. Disa calls Kamli. Kamli is happy hearing her. Disa tells her that she heard Akhiraj talking to Harki. She asks if she called Khetram and informed about Kundan and Nimboli’s marriage. She asks her to tell truly. Kamli accepts to have called Khetram and says she did this for Nimboli. Disa says Nimboli’s life is not ruined and she has become independent now. She says she has no relation with Kundan now. Kamli says I didn’t think about this. Disa says I am very afraid, if Akhiraj comes to know that the caller is you, then Akhiraj will not spare you. She asks her to keep it as a secret. Kamli agrees. Disa disconnects

the call. Kundan asks Harki, since when will Urmila stay in his room? Harki says from today. Kundan asks her to decorate his room for his wedding night. Harki says we shall talk to Akhiraj.

Akhiraj is angry looking at the marriage expenses. Harki comes and tells Akhiraj that Kundan wants something. Akhiraj says he suffered loss in Kundan’s marriage also. Harki says he wants his room to be decorated with flowers. Akhiraj gets angry and then sees Kundan standing. He asks him to come and says today is your suhaagraat, get your room decorated with flowers. He gives money. Kundan thanks him. Harki asks are you happy? Kundan smiles. Nimboli comes and tells Harki that she is very happy to shower flower petals on a couple during their marriage. Harki scolds her and asks to decorate Kundan’s room. Nimboli asks why? Harki asks her not to question her, and explains her about the flower decorations. Nimboli brings the flowers and keeps on bed. Disa is shocked to hear that Harki asked Nimboli to decorate her husband’s room for his wedding night with someone else.

Disa comes to Harki and asks why she is taking revenge from Nimboli. Harki says I thought why you didn’t come till now, as you are her protector. Disa asks have you gone mad to ask Nimboli to decorate her husband’s room. Harki says Nimboli is a servant for her and she asked her servant to decorate room of her son. She asks Disa to pray for Kundan and Urmila’s happy life and taunts her. Disa goes.

Mannu opens the door and welcomes her with the aarti thaali. Pooja looks on happy as Mannu throws flower petals and do his aarti. He asks her to come inside. Pooja steps inside. Mannu asks her to keep her feet water and step inside. Pooja is happy and looks at Mannu. Urmila comes to room and sees the flowers on bed. She keeps the flowers aside. Nimboli comes and asks her to move as Harki asked her to decorate the room. Urmila says she won’t leave. Urmila starts the fan and the flowers fall down from the fan’s ceiling. Nimboli asks what did you do? You have ruined my hard work. Urmila screams and shouts saying Nimboli kicked her out of room. Harki comes and shouts at Nimboli. Nimboli tells that she didn’t do anything. Harki scolds Nimboli. Urmila tells Harki that she didn’t like Nimboli’s face. Nimboli cries. Harki tells Urmila that today is her suhaagraat and takes her from there. Nimboli wonders about the meaning of the word Suhaag raat.

Jagya shows the photo of Mannu and Pooja’s marriage and tells that they got married. Anandi tells that she didn’t save her children. They reach Jhalra and Disa opens the door. She tells Nimboli went somewhere. She comes out and sees Nimboli outside.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Am tired of this serial. Every thing seems to drag for ages. Hasn’t nimboli suffered enough? Pls unite her wit her Anandi

  2. Can’t kundan and nimboli love together in peace ???

  3. Language. Costume villege environment. S good not feeling bored

  4. it shold be finished now bahut saal ho gaye hain

  5. Don’t know how can I suffer if balika vadhu finished…..oooo

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