Balika Vadhu 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 7th January 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: A primary health care centre in Laxmibhag Village
The villager tells him to let the case be and just treat. He begins advising about first aid to burns. The person tells him that its waste to tell anything to her since she wont understand. Jagiya is told by the same villager to treat burn wounds on his wife’s legs. He tries to ask what caused it and is told that they were caused due to the girl’s negligency and laziness. He says that he would like to hear from the girl herself. but her mother in law says that the girls of this house do not talk to strangers. The husband too asks him to just treat her. He resigns and starts attending to her burns. She squirms at his touch and he looks up to find her gagged so that she’s unable to speak. He is shocked to see this. He remembers as the girl who ran away from him last night. Before he can react, her family take her from there.

Scene 2:
Location: Udaipur haveli
A courier arrives for shiv and anandi from ashima. She has sent a message for them saying that she sends her good wishes for them through this message. Anandi finds out that she has sent a lacy nightie for her and is nervous in front of shiv. When shiv asks how she liked the gift, she hides it and says that she loved it. When shiv asks her to show it, she embarrassedly shows it to shiv who is amused while anandi is flustered. He tells her that she sent it for him not her. She is all the more nervous. She changes the topic saying that dadisa used to call ashima lapundari as in a way she was scared of her stealing shiv from anandi. Shiv says that she could never have stolen him since his heart already went out to the most beautiful person already in the haveli. she is shy again. Shiv then asks her to get ready as they have to leave. When she asks where, shiv tells her that they would go to see udaipur. she says that she too has something of interest to see in udaipur. When shiv asks where, she says that she would tell when they reach. They leave.

Scene 3:
Location: In the market place
Shiv and anandi are roaming around in the market and they stop at a saree shop on anandi’s insistence. Whiel anandi asks permission for buying some sarees for herself, he agrees but is perplexed as to what could be possible reason for her shifting to sarees when she’s so comfortable in her traditional dresses. while anandi tries to ward off the matter saying, that she is just headed towards some change which is good in anyone’s life. shiv is unconvinced and suddenly it dawns on her that she has taken this step due to sanchi. He tells her that she shouldnt change anything about herself under sanchi’s demands. She says that she’s not under pressure and that he shouldnt get in the middle of her and sanchi. She explains that she’s doing this because its worth the effort if sanchi gets friendly with her. and after all, somebody has to make the first effort and she doesnt lose anything by being the first one.

Shiv says that he would agree on one condition and that is if she decides to call him by his name. She gets shy and doesnt say anything. however when she tries on sarees, he asks her to ask him what she thinks of it. She shyly asks addressing hm as shiv as to how the saree looks on her. He is very happy and buys her many more sarees than she wanted. He says that she has made him so happy that he might just buy her the whole shop. She looks up at him in admiration.

Underlying message: Memories are stacked like a box in the mind overpowered by instances of the past. Hence its difficult for a person to get over them and form new memories and it takes time for him/ her to complete the formality of getting over it.

Precap: Anandi who is as it is nervous on seeing the whole courtyard, lit up romantically, is kind of disgusted when shiv grabs her from behind and says that he loves her very much. She is highly irritated and uncomfortable. shiv turns her around to find her in tears. She breaks down saying that she wont be able to do this and apologizes for the same. Shiv is tensed.

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