Balika Vadhu 7th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 7th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with the goon asking Shobha, why didn’t free her hand? Shobha says she won’t run from here. He gives her makeup stuff and says some special guest is coming today. He laughs on Ganga asking her to get ready to go to Saheb, followed by the girls. He goes outside to bring perfume bottle. Ganga tells her plan to Shobha to escape. Anandi recalls Daddu’s words that Vinay is accusing Anoop and Alok showing faith on him. She talks to Shiv and asks what you would have done. She thinks Shiv telling that he will never compromise with his rules. She calls Anoop and says Shiv had investigated against Anoop and had some proofs against him. Vinay says ok and says law will decide. He asks is this right that Anoop uses farmhouse for keeping his business stuff. Anandi says yes and asks him

to call her if needed. Vinay says ok.

The goon comes back. Shobha starts acting that something has happen to Ganga. He tries to make her smell the shoes. Ganga hits him followed by Shobha. They tie his hands and mouth. Ganga says we shall leave from here. Ganga frees the girls’ hands and takes them with her. They come out along with Shobha. Ganga is happy. Shobha says we are still in the place and shows the gate to cross. They see the goons hiding outside the gate. Shobha says I will see for a way out.

Daddu tells Anandi that he don’t want to eat. Subhadra asks what happened? Daddu says he is not hungry. Anoop brings money, 75000 and tells Daddu that your hunger will be doubled. Daddu asks why you are giving this money? Anoop says it is my monthly contribution. Daddu says this money is not needed. Anoop asks why? Daddu says you didn’t need to give the money as we have enough money to meet the expenses. Anoop argues that he is giving Shiv’s money too. Subhadra asks Anoop to respect Daddu’s decision. Daddu asks everyone to have tea. Anoop thinks Alok is behind Daddu’s decision.

Ganga, Shobha and the girls see the goon coming towards them. They hide seeing him. They move as he goes from there. He hears the noise and comes back. He starts looking at the grass and sees Shobha’s dress cloth. He goes inside. Ganga peeps through the back wall and tells them that they can escape from there.

Daddu wonders about his upbringing and thinks why Anoop walked on the wrong path. Anandi brings her babies to Daddu and says they want to play with you. Daddu smiles and asks how did you know? Anandi says she can understand as they started crying when they are with someone else. Daddu laughs and talk to the babies. He plays with them while Anandi looks at him smilingly.

The goon comes inside and sees the other goon hand cuffed. They start searching for them. Ganga asks Shobha to go next followed by the girls. Ganga tries to climb the wall, but the goons come there. Ganga’s lehenga gets stuck in the stone. She asks them to reach Jagya and seek his help. The goon gets Ganga again in their captivity.

Vinay comes to Daddu and says we got many antique pieces in the farm house and arrests Alok for the same. Alok looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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