Balika Vadhu 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 7th February 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar hospital
The nurse is asked by jagiya about who administered the medicine. She says that she didnt do it since it wasnt precribed and she knows that this would deteriorate ganga’s condition. lal says that she isnt lying. jagiya says someone in this hospital has done it and that he would find it out. She is told to be with ganga till he returns back.

The nurse tells jagiya that only two people were in ganga’s ward, last night, and they were the attending nurse and the wardboy, Ram Krishan. Jagiya immediately deduces that the wardboy is behind this. He asks lal singh to check outside the hospital while he checks inside. Shiv and anandi and bhairo are surprised when they say that there was a murder attempt on Ganga. Bhairo is shocked as to

who could it be. Jagiya says that he has a doubt on the wardboy. shiv says that he would look out with him while his family takes anandi home, since he recognizes him.

On the roof, the wardboy tells Ratan Singh that he has finished the work that he was supposed to, and that ganga is dead. But he is shocked when ratan goes back on his word, and says that he would just pay him a couple of thousands when he returns to the village. The wardboy treis to tell Ratn how he had saved his life, from the police, and thaat he needs a much more reward than just this. Meanwhile, Jagiya finds him on the roof, and seeing him, ram krishan jumps off from the roof and runs away, with jagiya chasing him. He is finally able to board an oncoming bus and runs off while jagiya pants for breath, after having lost him.

Lal and Shiv ask jagiya, when he returns who tell them what happened. shiv says that he would inform the police while lal singh and jagiya discuss the case thinking that a wardboy wouldnt want to do this, until provoked by someone. Jagiya deduces that maybe ratan was behind all this since he wanted her dead, and would have sent the wardboy, to finish what he started, since noone else knew the girl here.

He goes into ganga’s room saying that her story reminds him of his atrocities on anadi. He says that he met her for a reason, since h cant change his past but definitely change her present, and by that he might be relieved of the guilt. He promises to himself and to her that he wont let Ratan torture her any more.

Scene 2:
Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Anandi says while meenu hears apathising with her, that ganga has seen a lot, and been tortured by her family, worse than with animals and taken away her son and left her alone, tried to kill her. Sanchi is surprised to hear this. anandi says that Shiv and jagiya suspect that and are on to find out. Meenu asks how are they sure that ganga’s family was after this. Anandi nods. Sanchi says that its all due to ganga, who bore the pain and torture all this while, and didnt retaliate back, due to which her family got the guts to do this with her. She says that had she been, she would have walked out of the house, the day she would have been hit for the first time. anandi tells her that marriage isnt that easy a relation to break off, when two strangers become each others completely and on top of that ganga had a helplessness since she had nowhere else to go to, in this vast world. Also the person starts feeling that one day everything would be alright, when a person gets so habituated with the torture, she starts forgetting the pain and adapts to her life. Meenu wonders that anandi is talking about herself or about ganga.

Scene 3:
Location: In the police station
Shiv is assured by the inspector that they have police vigilating his house in civil clothes. Shiv commends jagiya whose profound judgement was able to give ganga her life back and that they should see that ganga’s torturers get punished. the inspector assures shiv that they would catch the wardboy soon.

Scene 4:
Location: In the fields
Ram Kishan hiding in the fields, is surprised to find that ratn isnt picking up his phone and curses him for not having kept his promise, and landed him into a bigger mess than he was before, by luring him into giving back his land in lieu of doing this work for him. he hears the police siren and ducks so as not to be seen.

Scene 5:
Location: Jaitsar Hospital
jagiya finds ganga talking in sleep, putting her baby to sleep. He calls up shiv asking about anyhting that the police might have come up with. When shiv says that they havent found anything yet, and asks about ganga. Jagiya says that he doesnt know how to improve her condition, since she is calling out for her son only. Shiv says that she has borne a great shock and would atke time to recover from that. jagiya asks if there was any way that they could get her child, who would also be missing his mom. Shiv says that they cant do anything now, since ratan is the child’s biological father and that they wouldnt be able to get past him, till they caatch ram Kishan and make him confess. Shiv assures jagiya that he is trying his level best and that soon ganga would get justice.

Anandi wonders as to what the baby must be going through if ganga is so upset. She says that their helplessness is driving her very restless. Shiv says that she understands what she is going through, but they have to follow protocol. Ananadi excuses herself for some time.

When anandi is about to go, shiv says knowingly that when she is going, she should pray for his quota too, saying that he knows this much about her. She says that now even she has started knwoing him and that he is very upset about ganga. He says, that tension aside, he is happy that she is egtting to knwo him and that he is waiting for the day when they would completely know each other. Ananadi gets shy. The screen freezes on her face.

Underlying message: Some people are so sensitive, that they forget their own life and its troubles, and get involved and feel the pain and emotions of other peoples.

Precap: Meenu, while putting anandi’s clothes on the bed, notices her and shiv’s sleeping arrangements. She thinks of an idea. She deliberately asks shiv if the rash on anandi’s back is now ok. To give an answer, shiv pretends to knwo about it and says that its much better now. Meenu is surprised. Just then, anandi comes and meenu asks the same for her. Shiv tries to talk about the rash, giving anandi a hint to give a suitable answer. She says that shiv had put on a wonderful cream, and she’s better now. when meenu asks what cream did she apply, shiv and anandi give the names of different creams due to which they are rendered embarassed in front of meenu, who understands what going on.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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